[Audio] Jensen Sportag reMix Kisses



Nashville’s Chilly Electro Funk exports Jensen Sportag’s album should be out soon-ish. They are currently holed up in the studio putting the finished touches to the record. In the meantime you can tide yourself over with this reMix of awesome LA SynthPop duo Kisses track The Hardest Part, which is taken from their equally awesome forthcoming second album Kids In LA.

The Sportags bring a lush summer beach vibe to the track and instantly remind us of why we’re looking forward to their album so much. It’s nice mixture of playfulness and seriousness. With a tight cool-beans groove, loaded with synth Funk, underpinning the track, Kisses vocals are complimented by layers and layers of airy melodies and the smoothest of solos. The is late nights in the city music, a hot smokey atmosphere that is probably accompanied by some block typography and geometric graphic design.

♫ Kisses – The Hardest Part (Jensen Sportag reMix)

Kisses’ The Hardest Part is released 14th May.

Buy Kisses’ music from:

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