[Video] Kisses‘ ‘Huddle’


Kisses    Huddle  on Vimeo

Here’s the video fro KissesHuddle. A track they released back in March that features on their amazing Kids In LA album. Retro ElectroPop sunshine bliss.

Adrian Buitenhuis directs the clip, which actually has a story, which far to many videos don’t these days! Nice retro styling too.

Kisses’ Kids In LA is out now.

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[Audio] Jensen Sportag reMix Kisses



Nashville’s Chilly Electro Funk exports Jensen Sportag’s album should be out soon-ish. They are currently holed up in the studio putting the finished touches to the record. In the meantime you can tide yourself over with this reMix of awesome LA SynthPop duo Kisses track The Hardest Part, which is taken from their equally awesome forthcoming second album Kids In LA.

The Sportags bring a lush summer beach vibe to the track and instantly remind us of why we’re looking forward to their album so much. It’s nice mixture of playfulness and seriousness. With a tight cool-beans groove, loaded with synth Funk, underpinning the track, Kisses vocals are complimented by layers and layers of airy melodies and the smoothest of solos. The is late nights in the city music, a hot smokey atmosphere that is probably accompanied by some block typography and geometric graphic design.

♫ Kisses – The Hardest Part (Jensen Sportag reMix)

Kisses’ The Hardest Part is released 14th May.

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[MP3] Kisses reMix The Embassy


The Embassy

Here’s a nice little, summery, reMix that LA SynthPop duo Kisses have done. the target of their laid back noodlings is Swedish Indie outfit The Embassy. Their recent single Everything I Ever Wanted is pure Folky Indie, but Kisses save the day  by injecting the track with some buzzy synths and B-Boy Beats.

It’s the bests and the vocals that sine in this mix. That’s early 80s drum machine beat give the song a whole new spin. Whilst there’s still a smattering of the originals guitar in this reMix, it’s nicely counterpointed by with warm synths and electric piano. The vocal becomes a smooth, almost Chillwavey, summery haze when balanced with Kisses chilled, Venice Beach, SynthPop. Morphing a twee Indie tune into a laid back summer crusin’ track, Kisses have worked their magic once again.

The Embassy – Everything I Ever Wanted (Kisses reMix)

Everything I Ever Wanted is taken from The Embassy’s album, Sweet Sensation, out now.

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[Audio] Kisses‘ ‘Huddle’


Huddle is the new single from LA SynthPop duo Kisses, the second to be released from their forthcoming sophomore album, Kids In LA ( to be released on Cascine in the US, Splendour in the EU). The album’s been produced by Pete Wiggs from Saint Etienne and Tim Larcombe, who’s worked with the likes of Sugababes, and is set for release mid-May.

There a nice contrast, on Huddle, between smooth Californian SynthPop and B-Boy Beats that at times feels apart, sometimes together. Leaning on the strength of Kisses songwriting, rather than flashy production or big room beats, Huddle weaves a hazy, Dreamwave, mood of nostalgia while presenting it on the kind of rhythm that should have you headspinning on Lino. We’ve been lucky enough to have already been listening to Kisses’ The Hardest Part, and believe us, you’re in for a treat.

♫ Kisses – Huddle

Kisses’ The Hardest Part is released 14th May.

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[Audio] Classixx’s ‘Borderline’



Now that we’ve gotten used to the fact that awesome LA Disco duo Classixx are well and truly back, we are ready for some now music. And here it is. Borderline is the B-side to their new single, Holding On, and is just a spot-on little treat to keep us going until Classixx’s album release, just days away now. As an added bonus, Borderline features the vocal stylings of fellow LA resident Jesse Kivel from ElectroPop outfit Kisses (who’s own forthoming, Cascine released, album is awesome BTW).

Borderline is the swirling, dreamlike, antidote to Holding On’s storming Disco credentials. The prefect chillout track, a largely beatless groove is based a pulsating arpeggio complimented by lightly struck snyths and percussion drifting, ghostly, in and out of the tune. Mostly centred around the rhythmic bass and Kivel’s heartfelt vocal, the track manages to be both infectiously catchy and completely relaxing. We’re really looking forward to the album, I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people.

♫ Classixx (Feat. Jesse Kivel From Kisses) – Borderline

Classixx’s Holding On is out now with remixes by Lifelike and Jerome LOL amongst others with their album following 14th March.

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Kisses’ new single


LA ElectroPop duo Kisses caused quite a stir back in god old 2010 with their Heart Of The Nightlife LP. Brilliantly crisp retro ElectroPop with a Disco sheen that captured the heart of all who heard it. The band have been touring for a while but are now announcing their return with a brand new single, Funny Heartbeat.

The new track, which was produced by Pete Wiggs of Saint Etienne, sees Kisses displaying a more carefree,  beach party, sound. Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson bring a kind of Two Door Cinema Club tropical Indie-ElectroPop flavour to their sound with splashes of relaxed guitar against the pulsating Electro beats. it’s a shimmering, summery tune that just right for lazy days in the sun.

Kisses – Funny Heartbeat

Kisses will be announcing a video and their new album soon.

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Clancy reMixes Kisses new single

Clancy, who is amongst the best up and coming producers around, stopped by the electronic rumors inbox to drop off his latest reMix.

‘Midnight Lover’ is the new single from LA Indie-DiscoPop duo Kisses and Clancy’s does a sterling job on his reMix. The bouncy bass keeps the track driving along but it’s genius lies in the layers of chords and intertwining riffs that allow the vocals to sit at just the right level. Absorbing as hell,  this reMix wraps you up in it’s beats and carries you away.

♫ Kisses – Midnight Lover (Clancy reMix)

Kisses’ ‘Midnight Lover’ is out this week.

Kisses @ Beatport

Kisses @ Juno

Kisses @ 7Digital

Kisses @ Amazon

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Kisses, otherwise known as Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson, a Disco-Pop duo out of LA, will be releasing their début single in April.

‘Bermuda’ is everything you’d want from a summery ElectroPop track, chilled and laidback but interesting enough to hold your attention with smooth production. Rather than commanding you to the dancefloor, it politely invites you with a charm you just can’t turn down!

Kisses – Bermuda (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Bermuda’ is out on 19th April on Transparent and includes a reMix from Active Child. Until the, show the pair some MySpace love!

Kisses @ MySpace