[Audio] Jensen Sportag’s ‘One Lane Lovers’



There’s a new single from Nashville not-really-Chillwave-anymore-but-there’s-no-smoke-without-fire funketeers Jensen Sportag. Which is pretty soon after their début album, Stealth Of Days, which dropped late last year. Stealth Of Days was easily one of the albums of 2013. The new single, released on Cascine of course, is titles One Lane Lovers, and sees the Sportags delve even deeper into the Funk.

Kicking off like a mid-80s post-B-boy slice of electronic Soul Pop, One Lane Lovers soon settles into the smoothest of grooves. So smooth in fact; coupled with the waves of nostalgia the permeate every second of the awesome One Lane Lovers, that you might just sink into your chair permanently. Although, being stuck there listening to One Lane Lovers on repeat wouldn’t be such a bad thing. How these guys make choppy, cut-up, R&B sounds sound so silky is beyond us. Probably just Sportag magic.

♫ Jensen Sportag – One Lane Lovers

Jensen Sportag’s One Lane Lovers is released 8th April.

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