[Audio] Hey Champ!’s ‘Dominoes’



Here’s the new single from Chicago’s finest SynthPoppers, Hey Champ!. Released later this month, Dominoes was actually producers around the time of Cold Dust Girl but is only just now ready for release. Considering the relatively long career these guys have had, we reckon it’s time their acclaim kicked into a new gear; hopefully 2014 will be the year of Hey Champ!

Dominoes sees Hey Champs! rich ElectroPop imbued with a slight Kraftwerkian edge. The stuttering synth bassline is both competing and loaded with robot funk. Considering how long ago the track was born, it sound amazingly fresh, chock full of thick synths and an easy summertime groove. They way the machine like verses bleed into the warm and passionate chorus feels effortless amid this sea of sparking synths. Sunshine SynthPop at it’s best.

♫ Hey Champ! – Dominoes

Hey Champ!’s Dominoes is released 22nd April.

Buy Hey Champ’s music from:

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