Housse De Racket & Hey Champ!


It’s all happening for Housse De Racket right now. They’re about to embark on a big North American tour and their single ‘Chateau’ is about to drop on Kitsuné .

‘Chateau’  is one of the highlight of their ‘Alésia’ album and the reMix package looks like it’s going to be storming. This reMix from Chicago gang Hey Champ! is the sweetest of sweet big Disco sounds. Big ‘70’s Disco stabs and wicked guitar licks make up the groove quota for this tune while the whole thing is made massive with thick, lush strings. The original vocal is treated to a fair amount of chopping, which Hey Champ! use perfectly to keep the energy up.

Housse De Racket – Chateau (Hey Champ! reMix)

The ‘Château’ single will be “out soon” on Kitsuné Music.

Buy Housse De Racket’s music from:

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