[Audio] Grum’s ‘Tears’



We’ve finally got a release date for the release Grum, one of our favourite producers, second album Human Touch. The album was pushed back after the overwhelmingly positive response to his single The Theme, pushed back seconds after we posted our review of the record. The album is due out in April and will be preceded by this new single, Tears, which got it’s première on Annie Mac’s show at the weekend.

Tears is pure Grum, big, euphoric, post-Dreamwave House with a lush 90s Dance groove. Chirpy synths form the tunes main hook, flowing over an Orbital-esque classic Dance rhythm section. The twisting leads and thick pads create an hedonistic mood with just a hint of the Balearic. The perfect precursor to the album, we can’t wait for both to drop.

♫ Grum – Tears (Radio Rip)

Grum’s Tears is released 7th April, Human Touch is out 17th April.

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[Audio] Grum reMixes Shift K3y’s ‘Touch’


Shift K3y

Due out in April is the single Touch from London House producer Shift K3y. It’s Garage-y R&B influenced tune that comes with a storming reMix package, featuring the likes of Oxford and this euphoric monster from the one and only Grum. We’re still waiting for a definite release date for Grum’s album so we can publish the glowing review of it we wrote last year before the record was pushed back after the well deserved success of his The Theme single, but in the meantime this will more than keep you going.

Grum takes the track from it’s Urban roots and drags it straight to the dancefloor. A rising symphony of thick synths and uplifting melodies riding over s stomping beat. This is peak time madness that harkens back to the days of packed superclubs rising and falling to the sounds of Euphoric Trance, but with that Grum, emotional Dreamwave twist. Retro in it’s progressions, modern in it’s sounds, this one is hands-in-the-air all the way through. Check out Annie Mac giving it a spin.

♫ Shift K3y – Touch (Grum reMix) (Radio Rip)

Shift K3y’s Touch is released 6th April.

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[Audio] Grum reMixes Martin Garrix’s ‘Animals’


Martin Garrix

OK kids, pencils down and pay attention, there’s a new reMix from Mr. Grum on the scene. This time around Grum’s subject matter is young Dutch producer Martin Garrix, who in suitably Dutch producer fashion is a purveyor of all things big room, Prog Housey, Trancey, and cheese filled. Taking Garrix’s ‘hit’, Animals, Grum proceeds to make things a bit slicker, a bit more sophisticated, without loosing any of the dancefloor euphoria.

Grum loads up on big swirling synths for this one. By this time Grum has amassed enough experience with a wide variety of dancefloor styles that he can effortlessly meld them into one monster whole. Crisp lead lines, burbling basses, and the perfect build, all lead into a 303 tweaking finale that sees Grum in new Acid-Techno territories. A massive floor destroyer that we fully expect is going to get caned over the coming months.

♫ Martin Garrix – Animals (Grum reMix)

Martin Garrix’s Animals is out now.

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[Audio] Grum’s ‘Human Touch’ album


Hey all, seconds after posting this review I was informed that Grum‘s second album, Human Touch, has been pushed back from it’s October release date to sometime in 2014. So, I guess well run our review nearer it’s release date, cos it’s a bit pointless telling you how good the album is if you can’t buy it for months.
Apparently the release date was moved due to the overwhelming success of The Theme, which is actually a pretty awesome reason and very well deserved.
Look out nearer the album’s release for our in-depth review.

[Audio] Grum reMixes Luke Million’s ‘Midnight’


Luke Million

Does anyone else, when someone mentions Leeds based dance music genius Grum, get (to the tune of Monty Python’s Spam) ‘Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum, Grum’ stuck in their head for about an hour afterward? No? Just us then. We feel a bit mental now, but it’s good to finally get that out. We also feels a bit mental ‘cos we refer to ourselves in the corporate ‘we’…you know I’m just one dude, right? Life is odd.

Oh well, to combat life’s oddness for five minutes and nineteen seconds Grum has delivered this absolutely rock solid reMix of Australian Italo-Disco producer, and a bit of The Swiss, Luke Million’s Midnight. This is actually a bit of a throwback tune for Grum, like Grum of old it’s borderline Dreamwave in it’s right emotional retro synth sound. This, warbling bass, lush pads, the kind of piano hook that just wills you to move, this one has got all the ingredients for dancefloor rocker supreme. We love it!

♫ Luke Million – Midnight (Grum reMix)

Midnight is taken from Luke Million’s forthcoming EP, Midnight Galaxy, our 24th September.

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[Audio] Grum’s reMix of The Other Tribe’s ‘My Girl’



We’ve been waiting for this one for a while. We’re big fans of both Bristol Indie-Elector rabble rousers The Other Tribe and Grum, who been one of our favourite producers for the past few years, so when we heard Grum was reMixing The Other Tribe’s new single, My Girl, we were eager to get our ears round it. The track was premièred by B Traits on Friday on BBC Radio 1 with us excitedly listening.

And we weren’t disappointed. Grum mixes up a little of his old style retro Dreamwave with his new big-room grooves on this one, which works nicely with the vocals. A collision of tough beats and piercing, infectious, melodies that drill into your brain, Grum’s reMix is one of those that’s that is going to give you goosebumps whenever it is dropped, just let the uplifting synths wash over you.. Dancefloor euphoria mixed with a catchy song, what more could you ask for?

♫ The Other Tribe – My Girl (Grum reMix) (Radio Rip)

The Other Tribe’s My Girl is out 8th September.

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[Audio] Grum’s ‘The Theme’



Theme For Great Cities, the opening track of Simple Mind’s 1981 album Sister Feelings Call, is just one of those instantly recognisable tracks. The haunting synth riffs seem to send a chill right through you and informed many early 80s SynthPop tracks that followed it. Those ice tones also serve as the basis for the forthcoming new single from the man like Grum. Following on from April’s Everytime, The Theme got it’s world premiere at the weekend on Pete Tong’s Radio 1 show. Check it out.

The second single to be taken from Grum’s soon-to-be-released sophomore album, Human Touch, The Theme swoops straight into the main room with a vibe that is somewhere between sunrise and dystopia. Progressive House at it’s core, the tune pushes to the front Grum’s knack for the huge uplifting epics but keeps a little corner of itself edgy with those post-punk Simple Minds synths, which makes for an exciting combination. There’s even a hint of the Balearic in there as Grum deliverers all the elements of a big room floorfiller on one handy package. Definitely the stuff of the future.

♫ Grum – The Theme (Radio Rip)

Grum’s Human Touch is out later this year.

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[Audio] Grum and Small Pyramids headline Glasgow Underground’s ‘Summer Of Love ’13’


Summer Of Love '13

One of the UK most dedicated, and forward thinking, House stables, Glasgow Underground (out of somewhere or other up north) are following on from their huge The Underground Sound Of Glasgow compilation from Optimo (which, bizarrely, kept me occupied recently for much of a massive coach trip to, coincidentally, Glasgow) with a new EP collecting some of their hot tips for the summer. This release goes big and deep with names like Ovr Kill and Mastercris alongside these two gems.

Grum jumps back onto our radar with this reMix of Kevin McKay’s 2011 club hit Body Talk. With this tune we’re treated to the next step in the evolution of Grum. From Dreamwave to Nu-Disco to Trance and now another step along his inevitable House path. Grum effortlessly weaves all the tricks he’s learnt along his music journey into a pretty unique sound that has it’s roots, and feet, in packed warehouses but it’s mind is at the beach. Here he whips McKay’s Olivia Newton John sampling bouncy House tune into a moody and futuristic electronic epic with an infectious mixture of bleepy House and Dubby effects. Another post-Dreamwaver experimenting with a little Dub in their House is Small Pyramids, who’s Don’t Do It To Me is a hypnotic Chicago track that creates a nice spacious sound, spreading out the sound a creating a groove for a soulful vocal. There six track on the whole release, and it;s definitely well worth checking out.

♫ Kevin McKay – Body Talk (Grum reMix)

♫ Small Pyramids – Don’t Do It To Me

Glasgow underground’s Summer Of Love ’13 is released 22nd July.

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[Audio] Grum’s ‘Everytime’



I swear people don’t get Grum, or at least choose to forget about everything he’s released since Can’t Shake This Feeling. Sure, he made some of the best Dreamwavey-Disco around, but if I hear another person talking about Grum being Disco my head is going to explode. Grum is a talented producer who has never needed to restrict himself to tight niches. For the last year or so he’s been a Euphoric Trance artist, with everyone seemingly to be trying to pretend he wasn’t, and now he’s turned his considerable skills to that rich point in the early 90s in the UK when House was morphing into Rave, in a post-Bleep House world, and captures that freshness, that excitement, in his new tune, Everytime.

So what we have here with Everytime, is a rolling British House beat and intoxicating proto-Rave synth lines. This is a 4am warehouse tune. In a way it’s a kind of UK response to the waves of late 80s/early 90s Chicago House-a-likes currently flooding the dance scene, and as you can hear from the radio rip, Annie Mac’s “really really feeling” it too. Whilst still pretty House oriented, Grum fans who refuse to move on might feel more at home with this new reMix the man has also dropped. It’s for Liverpudlian act Cahill’s Fell The Love. A big piano House monster that’s a bit more MTV than Everytime. Both new tracks are most welcome here, Grum’s been away far too long.

♫ Grum – Everytime (Radio Rip)

♫ Cahill – Feel The Love (Grum reMix)

Grum’s Everytime is released soon, with a bunch of reMixes.

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Grum reMixes Paper Crows


So we know London based Dubby Dark Indie-ElectroPop duo Paper Crows have good taste in reMixers, you might remember their ‘Stand Alight’ single being reMixed by Monsieur Adi. Released this week was their ‘Changing Colours’ single featuring a new mix from none other than Grum. having been so quite for a while them three mixes released at once you have to wonder if someone is orchestrating things at castle Grum?

‘Changing Colours’ is a beautiful, Kate Bush-esque piano driven piece that the Scottish big room producer manages to keep the core feeling of, despite layering it think with his immense dancefloor sounds. There’s only so much happy that you can pour into a Gothtronica outfit so Grum rightly reins in his hands-in-the-air moments in favour for some deep, tribal, hypnotic dance grooves. As Grum’s leaning toward big classic Trance tracks continues, rolling tracks like this really do pick the best of what made those tunes great and works it for contemporary dancefloors.

♫ Paper Crows – Changing Colours (Grum reMix)

‘Changing Colours’ is taken from Paper Crow’s ‘Build EP’, out now.

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