[Download] edapollo’s ‘Breathing Lessons & ‘Tisno’



Some relaxing and intricate electronic sounds, right now, from our home town of Bristol courtesy of producer edapollo. The man has just released his début EP, Shallow Swell, via Bad Panda Records and if your in the mood for some mind-bending chilled jams with an unexpected funk, then you’re in for a treat as edapollo takes you on a music journey, laden with glitchy beats, cut up samples and bass heavy synths.

Breathing Lessons, the EP’s lead track is a symphony of broken beats and haunting vocal snatches that flow like water over a rumbling sub bass. It’s got a Chillwave air to it and, surprisingly for a glitchy Ambient track, an almost Disco like groove when the shuffling beats and slap bass kick in. Elsewhere on the EP you’ll find Tisno, a track that brings the R&B beats to edapollo’s repertoire. A rising, spaced-out tune that revels in swirling, chopped up guitars and speaker shaking bass. The rhythms on this one are so meticulously produced it’s intoxicating. Save these up for your afterparty and let the good vibes flow.

♫ edapollo – Breathing Lessons

♫ edapollo – Tisno

edapollo’s Shallow Swell EP is out now.

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[Video] Phonat’s ‘Ride The Prejudice’


Phonat   Ride The Prejudice  Official Video    YouTube

Here’s the video for Phonat’s complex and soulful electronic groover, Ride The Prejudice, taken from his current, and quite acclaimed, EP, Identity Theft.

A cavalcade of images and geometry, the video actually plays really nicely into the tracks shuffling beats and glitchy soundtrack.

Phonat’s Identity Theft EP is out now.

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[Audio] The Postal Service’s ‘Turn Around’


The Postal Service

As the re-release of the almighty The Postal Service’s 2003 masterpiece album, Give Up, draws ever close, we are treated to the second of the new, or at least previously unheard, tracks that will be featured on this deluxe 10th anniversary edition.

Turn Around is a cheery and sweet slice of ElectroPop and perfectly The Postal Service. Easily one of the more optimistic songs from this duo. Rolling on a kick heavy beat and layers of blippy snyths, the electronics lifts and drops the mood along with Gibbard’s vocals. It actually feels more The Postal Service than the previously heard new track, A Tattered Line Of String, although we slightly preferred that track to this one. Also, apologies for the crappy YouTube player, we’re not sure if Sub Pop still haven’t worked out this internet thing yet, but there you go.

While you’re here check out this pretty a music video The Postal Service made with Funny Or Die, to celebrate the anniversary release, that features a host of famous musicians auditioning for Ben Gibbard’s role in the band.

The Postal Service’s tenth anniversary release of Give Up comes out 9th April.

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[Audio] Mmoths featuring Holly Miranda


Irish producer of spacious beats and The XX support act Mmoths is gearing up for the release of his new EP, Diaries, the lead track of which is a beautifully abrasive slice of edgy and atmospheric Electronica featuring the vocal talents of new XL Recordings signee Holly Miranda. All These Things.

It’s a smokey composition where drill-bit industrial sounds are morphed into something ethereal and magical, intertwining with a post-Chillwave, post-Dubstep soundscape and Miranda’s silky smooth vocal. Inhuman sounds suddenly become organic and flowing as the track seems to evolve naturally over it;s course. Like a song grown, rather than created. We can definitely see All These Things earning Mmoths a great deal of attention.

♫ Mmoths (Feat. Holly Miranda) – All These Things

All These Things is taken from Mmoths forthcoming new EP, Dairies, released 4th March.

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AlunaGeorge reMixes by Lil Silva


Here’s just one of the reMixes of the amazing AlunaGeorge’s new single Your Drums, Your Love. Alongside the reMix package featuring Duke Dumont, the Prototypes and Deebs, Bedford’s Lil Silva steps up to give the track a shuffling, glitch workout.

We were lucky enough to catch AlunaGeorge live last weekend at Bestival, they were everything we’d hoped they were. Slick and sexy, playing late on Sunday they were the perfect end to the festival. Lil Silva takes the impassioned warmth of their new single and applies it to spikey drums and a UK Bass flavour. The reMix is loaded with intricate layers of sound, there’s so much to hear in this mix. And it’s funky too. It;s a harsh urban groove that shouldn’t sit well with Aluna’s sweet vocal, but somehow really does.

♫ AlunaGeorge – Your Drums, Your Love (Lil Silva reMix)

AlunaGeorge’s Your Drums, Your Love is released 7th October.

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Nite Jewel & Dntel

Nite Jewel

OK, someone’s just massing with me now. It’s bad enough that track ten on Nite Jewel beautiful current album ‘One Second Of Love’ freaks me the hell out, it’s called ‘Clive’, which does my head in. But now they get Dntel to weird it up even further?

Dntel is, of course, Jimmy Tamborello who was one half of The Postal Service, who’s ‘Give Up’ was possible the best album of 2003 (whoa! was it that long ago?), so if they’re going to get anyone to twist up my namesake then I’m happy he’s the guy. The reMix is amazingly innovative, chopping up the vocals into new melodies to layer alongside his glitchy beats a wonderfully emotive synth sounds. Ramona Gonzalez take on a whole new beauty as an instrument, becoming part of the wall of dreamlike noise, kept in check with a steady dancefloor beat. And, yes, it does sound a little like the Postal Service.

♫ Nite Jewel – Clive (Dntel reMix)

Nite Jewel’s ‘One Second Of Love’ album is out now.

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Squarepusher: free download+new EP


Warp Records are giving away a free .mp3 of  ‘Illegal Dustbin’, a new Squarepusher track from his new EP ‘Numbers Lucent’ released on 19th January on 12″/CD/Download.

You can get the free track here.

I kinda’ liked the last Squarepusher album ‘Just A Souvenir’, it was the same insane Glitch-Drum & Bass-Jazz-Experimental nonsense you should be used to with Squarepusher but seemed to have all these crazy Pop overtones.

You’ve really got to be in the mood for Squarepusher though!

If you are…

Squarepusher @ Beatport

Squarepusher @ Juno

Squarepusher @ Amazon

Or pre-order the new EP @ WarpMart or Play