Nite Jewel & Dntel

Nite Jewel

OK, someone’s just massing with me now. It’s bad enough that track ten on Nite Jewel beautiful current album ‘One Second Of Love’ freaks me the hell out, it’s called ‘Clive’, which does my head in. But now they get Dntel to weird it up even further?

Dntel is, of course, Jimmy Tamborello who was one half of The Postal Service, who’s ‘Give Up’ was possible the best album of 2003 (whoa! was it that long ago?), so if they’re going to get anyone to twist up my namesake then I’m happy he’s the guy. The reMix is amazingly innovative, chopping up the vocals into new melodies to layer alongside his glitchy beats a wonderfully emotive synth sounds. Ramona Gonzalez take on a whole new beauty as an instrument, becoming part of the wall of dreamlike noise, kept in check with a steady dancefloor beat. And, yes, it does sound a little like the Postal Service.

♫ Nite Jewel – Clive (Dntel reMix)

Nite Jewel’s ‘One Second Of Love’ album is out now.

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