[Download] edapollo’s ‘Breathing Lessons & ‘Tisno’



Some relaxing and intricate electronic sounds, right now, from our home town of Bristol courtesy of producer edapollo. The man has just released his début EP, Shallow Swell, via Bad Panda Records and if your in the mood for some mind-bending chilled jams with an unexpected funk, then you’re in for a treat as edapollo takes you on a music journey, laden with glitchy beats, cut up samples and bass heavy synths.

Breathing Lessons, the EP’s lead track is a symphony of broken beats and haunting vocal snatches that flow like water over a rumbling sub bass. It’s got a Chillwave air to it and, surprisingly for a glitchy Ambient track, an almost Disco like groove when the shuffling beats and slap bass kick in. Elsewhere on the EP you’ll find Tisno, a track that brings the R&B beats to edapollo’s repertoire. A rising, spaced-out tune that revels in swirling, chopped up guitars and speaker shaking bass. The rhythms on this one are so meticulously produced it’s intoxicating. Save these up for your afterparty and let the good vibes flow.

♫ edapollo – Breathing Lessons

♫ edapollo – Tisno

edapollo’s Shallow Swell EP is out now.

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[MP3] Selebrities reMix Keep Shelly In Athens’ ‘Recollection’


Keep Shelly In Athens

It’s part two of the  Keep Shelly In Athens and Selebrities reMix exchange program. After Keep Shelly In Athens reMixed Selebrities’ Temporary Touch, the Selebs are returning the favour for their Cascine labelmates by whipping up their recent single Recollection into a poppin’ vintage synth fest. Why don’t they just get a room!

From the offset, Selebrities drop an infectious B-boy beat, layering it with vintage synths in a way that brings early New Order to mind. Creating a truly beautiful vintage mood, Selebrities manage to keep this surprisingly funky amidst the washy-washy, reverb soaked, nostalgia. Sarah P’s vocals swim through clam waters of electronic sound and effortlessly meld with the five minutes of upbeat, optimistic, 80s glory.

Keep Shelly In Athens – Recollection (Selebrities reMix)

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[MP3] Keep Shelly In Athens reMix Selebrities’ ‘Temporary Touch’


Keep Shelly In Athens

You may think it’s Shark Week…but you’re wrong. It appears to be Keep Shelly In Athens week. Hot on the heels of Oostende, their ode to all things double ‘o’, come this wonderful, and a little scary, reMix of fellow Cascine labelmates SelebritiesTemporary Touch.

Eschewing the Post-Punk Shoegazeyness of the original for something a little more ambient and atmospheric, Keep Shelly In Athens take a tiny snatch of the vocals and repeats it through the length of the reMix until it becomes an unsettling mantra. Set against a backdrop of growling tones and ice chords, the vocal chant rides the machine beats and created a totally involving experience.

Selebrities – Temporary Touch (Keep Shelly in Athens reMix)

Selebrities’ Lovely Things is out now on Cascine.

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[Audio] The Soft’s ‘Prana’


the soft

This new slice of atmospheric, left-field electronics from Suffolk outfit The Soft turns out to be surprisingly funky. Prana, their second single, dropped this week ahead of forthcoming release of their Uncanny Valley EP, both on Ceremony, and it’s a luscious mix of Chillwave, Minimal Synth and Deep House.

Imagine if the singer from some post-Punk band wandered into a German House producers studio mid-recording and started giving it some mic. Now imagine all of this was being committed to tape with a psychedelic stepped, reverb happy, Chillwave producer behind the mixing desk, and you’re halfway there. It’s all very stripped down but spacey, with a solid groove and an emotional lament from The Soft’s vocalist. If you want to get lost in something, you could do worse than this.

♫ The Soft – Prana

The Soft’s Prana is out now.

Check out more from The Soft on SoundCloud.

[MP3] Gigamesh and Sunless ‘97 reMix Crystal Fighters


Crystal Fighters

Gigamesh has done it again. The Minneapolis based producer has dropped another driving slice of Synth Disco in the form of his reMix for Crystal Fighters new single, ‘You & I’. The reMix sits alongside a brooding cut from London ElectroPoppers Sunless ’97, reMixing the track taken from Crystal Fighters forthcoming new LP Cave Rave.

Gigamesh whips the track up into an arpeggio driven funky frenzy as he mixes up Italo and Disco with flair. Keeping the energy levels high, Gigamesh weaves a SynthWave style night drive tune full of punchy snyths and up beat stabs which, when coupled with Crystal Fighters vocal grown, takes on a slightly EBM, slant, but obviously with loads more groove. Sunless ‘97 go in totally the opposite direction with their version, crafting an ambient, absorbing, soundscape for the track. Utilising Dub techniques and quirky synths sounds, Sunless ‘97 deliver a track that is the night to Gigamesh’s day.

Crystal Fighters – You & I (Gigamesh reMix)

Crystal Fighters – You & I (Sunless ’97 Black Magic Mix)

Crystal Fighters’ Cave Rave is released 27th May.

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