[Audio] The Postal Service’s ‘Turn Around’


The Postal Service

As the re-release of the almighty The Postal Service’s 2003 masterpiece album, Give Up, draws ever close, we are treated to the second of the new, or at least previously unheard, tracks that will be featured on this deluxe 10th anniversary edition.

Turn Around is a cheery and sweet slice of ElectroPop and perfectly The Postal Service. Easily one of the more optimistic songs from this duo. Rolling on a kick heavy beat and layers of blippy snyths, the electronics lifts and drops the mood along with Gibbard’s vocals. It actually feels more The Postal Service than the previously heard new track, A Tattered Line Of String, although we slightly preferred that track to this one. Also, apologies for the crappy YouTube player, we’re not sure if Sub Pop still haven’t worked out this internet thing yet, but there you go.

While you’re here check out this pretty a music video The Postal Service made with Funny Or Die, to celebrate the anniversary release, that features a host of famous musicians auditioning for Ben Gibbard’s role in the band.

The Postal Service’s tenth anniversary release of Give Up comes out 9th April.

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