[Video] The Postal Service’s new song. Yes…NEW SONG!

A Tattered Line Of String is the new song from one of our favourite artists of all time, The Postal Service. Made up of electronic experimentalist Dntel and frontman of Emo rockers Death Cab For Cutie, Ben Gibbard (and weirdly, despite our love of the Postal Service, we have never even listed to one Death Cab song). Their 2003, now legendary, album, Give Up, was the only album they ever release, and ever will. But recently Sub Pop announced a tenth anniversary release of the album (alongside an increasingly sold out handful of reunion shows, of which we have much sought after tickets too) that will contain two brand new tracks. This is the first.

Recorded during the Give Up sessions, A Tattered Line Of String is The Postal Service sounding as fresh as ever. We have no idea how this didn’t originally make the album, we’re just happy to be listening to a new the Postal Service track. Catchy as hell.

The Postal Service’s tenth anniversary release of Give Up comes out 9th April.

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