[Download] edapollo’s ‘Breathing Lessons & ‘Tisno’



Some relaxing and intricate electronic sounds, right now, from our home town of Bristol courtesy of producer edapollo. The man has just released his début EP, Shallow Swell, via Bad Panda Records and if your in the mood for some mind-bending chilled jams with an unexpected funk, then you’re in for a treat as edapollo takes you on a music journey, laden with glitchy beats, cut up samples and bass heavy synths.

Breathing Lessons, the EP’s lead track is a symphony of broken beats and haunting vocal snatches that flow like water over a rumbling sub bass. It’s got a Chillwave air to it and, surprisingly for a glitchy Ambient track, an almost Disco like groove when the shuffling beats and slap bass kick in. Elsewhere on the EP you’ll find Tisno, a track that brings the R&B beats to edapollo’s repertoire. A rising, spaced-out tune that revels in swirling, chopped up guitars and speaker shaking bass. The rhythms on this one are so meticulously produced it’s intoxicating. Save these up for your afterparty and let the good vibes flow.

♫ edapollo – Breathing Lessons

♫ edapollo – Tisno

edapollo’s Shallow Swell EP is out now.

Buy edapollo’s music from:

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