The New Division reMix Future Unlimited

Future Unlimited

Nashville Indie-Electro band Future Unlimited’s ‘Golden’ was the highlight of their recent EP, a lush sing-a-long ElectroPop epic full of rousing chords and heartfelt vocals. Well the best on the EP just got a little bit better with a reMix from southern Californian ElectroPop four piece The New Division.

the New Division bring a little more groove and a little more synth goodness to their reMix. ‘Golden’ was pretty anthemic to begin with, but The New Division take it to uplifting new places, places where it’s constantly sunrise. Giving the track a bit of a House makeover and adding some truly euphoric synths give the track some goosebump inducing moments. Dipping and rising from gritty basslines, softly sung verses to massive Poptastic choruses, this reMix has got hooks, both vocally and melodically, in all the right places.

Future Unlimited – Golden (The New Division reMix)

♫ Future Unlimited – Golden

Download Future Unlimited’s EP for free here.

Buy Future Unlimited’s music from:


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