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So, I wasn’t going to write about out favourite synth weirdos Funerals’ new track for two reasons. Firstly because it is unmastered, and I’m sure the master will sound better and secondly because the said the unmetered stream would only be up for twenty Four hours. However, they have decided to leave the stream up due to an overwhelming positive response, and it sounds amazing even unmastered. So dive in!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the reason I love Funerals is because they sound a lot like early Warp records/Bleep House stuff mixed with a bit of Cabaret Voltaire, two sounds that are very close to my heart. And ‘Boo Sra’ doesn’t disappoint in either department. to be released as part of a split EP with Ritualz, ‘Boo Sra’ is a deep pulsating House track with enough moody tones and otherworldly atmospheres to keep the most hardcore Bleep House nostalgia hunter happy. A deep ‘90’s House vibe permeates the track  and all those synthetic, alien, bleeps would make it the perfect fodder for a dark warehouse rave in the late ‘80’s/early ‘90’s, which makes it perfect fodder for me.

♫ Funerals – Boo Sra (Pre-Master Preview)

Funerals’ forthcoming split EP ‘Hypermotion’ is out 12th June.

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New track and reMix EP from Funerals


Funerals have just, finally, released their album of reMixes from ‘Marae’, the album includes a brand new tune too.

Alongside reMixes of ‘Marae’ and ‘Out There’ tracks from the likes of Star Eyes, Ritualz, ∆aimon and Goteki sits ‘To The End’, a brand new track which one again elevates Funerals way above their Minimal-Synth or Witch-House contemporaries. Saying that though, I’ve never really though of Funerals as either Witch-House or Minimal-Synth, they are far too rooted in ‘90’s House to be minimal synth and far to interesting (and actually talented) to be Witch-House. No, what you get with ‘To The End’ is a dark, evolving, slice of Edgy, and ElectroPoppy,  Deep House that owes to more to the pioneers of Acid and the early Warp Records sound that it does to anyone with symbols in their band name, and is infinitely better for it. OK, so it is pretty moody and atmospheric, in an enigmatic way, but what sets Funerals apart for the pack is they really understand rhythm, especially synthesized rhythm, how to program it and how to produce it and that just sees them breaking mew ground between the graveyard and the dancefloor.

Funerals – To The End (New Funerals Track)

‘Marae: reMixes’ is out now.

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Funerals reMix Burial Hex

Funerals reMixing Burial Hex. That all sounds a bit ominous, but the result is pretty epic deep Electro.
Otherworldly and dreamlike, Funerals capture the throbbing dread of the original but morph it into a hypnotic Bleep House odyssey that moves through various atmospheric soundscapes, including a synth part that resembles a haunting Morricone harmonica, with a relentless kick drum as your tour guide.

♫ Burial Hex – Book of Delusions (Funerals Lanakila reMix)

Funerals are gearing up to drop a new reMix album, featuring a bunch of people and Goteki.

Funerals reMix of ‘Book Of Delusions’ features on the bonus CD that accompanies Burial Hex’s new LP.

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Violet Tremors reMixed by Funerals

We mentioned in our feature on them that Ohio Dark Synth act Funerals would be lending their skills to a reMix of our favourite Minimal Synth girls Violet Tremors. Well, here it is.

Mixing up Violet Tremors’ ‘Violet Trance’ with this dark 90’s house sound results in an evil industrial groove. I do love how Funerals can sound uncomfortable and atmospheric and funky at the same time. The machine rhythms, scrapyard percussion and relentless synth bass in this track owes much to New Beat but is tempered with a haunting lead line. I feel like in in a dark EBM club in 1989 all over again!

Violet Tremors – Violet Trance (Funerals reMix)

Violet Tremors’ début album is out on Mannequin later this year.

Violet Tremors @ Facebook

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There doesn’t appear to be anything minimal about Columbus, Ohio based Minimal Synth duo Funerals. Their tracks are thick, multi-layered, atmospheric synthesizer odysseys.

Musically, Funerals actually remind me a lot of really early Beep House tracks, the first few releases on Warp Records (think the first thee LFO 12”s), which defiantly endears them to me. The drums are harsh but dancey, the synths sound ice cold but seem to collaborate together to create an addictive robotic groove.

They’ve just dropped a new EP, ‘Marae’, and the title track is a relentless Industrial dance track which brings to mind some of the more Techno influenced Cabaret Voltaire (more Sheffield comparisons!) tracks or that period between New Beat and EBM. ‘AITU (LQD Live Edit)’ is pure Beep House/Minimal Synth crossover. Sounding like Fan Death reMixed by LFO in 1993, the raw analog drums and hollow synth melodies create a dark warehouse atmosphere with Mollie’s vocals just tipping the track over the edge into slightly scary territory.

Funerals – Marae

Funerals – AITU (LQD Live Edit)

I hate copying and pasting press releases, and hate blogs that do it, but I just have to share this piece of their EPK ‘cos it made me chuckle: “Producers Casey Immel-Brown and Mollie Wells are married, but listen: that means nothing. These songs don’t sound like matrimony; they sound like gray oceans and the terrible waiting for sun.”

Funerals’ ‘Marae’ EP is out now and features reMix work from Jokers Of The Scene! The duo also have just completed a reMix for electronic rumors favourite Minimal Synth ladies Violet Tremors, which we hope to bring you soon.

Funerals @ Amazon

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