Funerals reMix Burial Hex

Funerals reMixing Burial Hex. That all sounds a bit ominous, but the result is pretty epic deep Electro.
Otherworldly and dreamlike, Funerals capture the throbbing dread of the original but morph it into a hypnotic Bleep House odyssey that moves through various atmospheric soundscapes, including a synth part that resembles a haunting Morricone harmonica, with a relentless kick drum as your tour guide.

♫ Burial Hex – Book of Delusions (Funerals Lanakila reMix)

Funerals are gearing up to drop a new reMix album, featuring a bunch of people and Goteki.

Funerals reMix of ‘Book Of Delusions’ features on the bonus CD that accompanies Burial Hex’s new LP.

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