New track and reMix EP from Funerals


Funerals have just, finally, released their album of reMixes from ‘Marae’, the album includes a brand new tune too.

Alongside reMixes of ‘Marae’ and ‘Out There’ tracks from the likes of Star Eyes, Ritualz, ∆aimon and Goteki sits ‘To The End’, a brand new track which one again elevates Funerals way above their Minimal-Synth or Witch-House contemporaries. Saying that though, I’ve never really though of Funerals as either Witch-House or Minimal-Synth, they are far too rooted in ‘90’s House to be minimal synth and far to interesting (and actually talented) to be Witch-House. No, what you get with ‘To The End’ is a dark, evolving, slice of Edgy, and ElectroPoppy,  Deep House that owes to more to the pioneers of Acid and the early Warp Records sound that it does to anyone with symbols in their band name, and is infinitely better for it. OK, so it is pretty moody and atmospheric, in an enigmatic way, but what sets Funerals apart for the pack is they really understand rhythm, especially synthesized rhythm, how to program it and how to produce it and that just sees them breaking mew ground between the graveyard and the dancefloor.

Funerals – To The End (New Funerals Track)

‘Marae: reMixes’ is out now.

Buy Funerals’ music from:

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