There doesn’t appear to be anything minimal about Columbus, Ohio based Minimal Synth duo Funerals. Their tracks are thick, multi-layered, atmospheric synthesizer odysseys.

Musically, Funerals actually remind me a lot of really early Beep House tracks, the first few releases on Warp Records (think the first thee LFO 12”s), which defiantly endears them to me. The drums are harsh but dancey, the synths sound ice cold but seem to collaborate together to create an addictive robotic groove.

They’ve just dropped a new EP, ‘Marae’, and the title track is a relentless Industrial dance track which brings to mind some of the more Techno influenced Cabaret Voltaire (more Sheffield comparisons!) tracks or that period between New Beat and EBM. ‘AITU (LQD Live Edit)’ is pure Beep House/Minimal Synth crossover. Sounding like Fan Death reMixed by LFO in 1993, the raw analog drums and hollow synth melodies create a dark warehouse atmosphere with Mollie’s vocals just tipping the track over the edge into slightly scary territory.

Funerals – Marae

Funerals – AITU (LQD Live Edit)

I hate copying and pasting press releases, and hate blogs that do it, but I just have to share this piece of their EPK ‘cos it made me chuckle: “Producers Casey Immel-Brown and Mollie Wells are married, but listen: that means nothing. These songs don’t sound like matrimony; they sound like gray oceans and the terrible waiting for sun.”

Funerals’ ‘Marae’ EP is out now and features reMix work from Jokers Of The Scene! The duo also have just completed a reMix for electronic rumors favourite Minimal Synth ladies Violet Tremors, which we hope to bring you soon.

Funerals @ Amazon

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