[MP3] FM Attack and Rogue Vogue reMix French Horn Rebellion

French Horn Rebellion

Two piping hot reMixes of French Horn Rebellion forthcoming new single Girls, featuring JD Samson, from Le Tigre& MEN, and rapper Fat Tony. We covered the track a few days ago, a massive party starter, and now we get to get our ears around versions from SynthWave legend FM Attack and House producer Rogue Vogue.

FM Attack’s mix is the proverbial bomb, a real funky synthesizer workout. Whipping up an Italo frenzy of vocal synthesis, robotic vocoding and chugging arpeggiated basslines, FM Attack delivers five minutes of android Boogie and one of our favourite tracks of the month. Rouge Vogue is more in the classic House vein. Deep, woody basslines and 909 beats dominate this reMix, dragging the track into a darkened Chicago warehouse for a night of hypnotic dancing. French Horn Rebellion have put together a slick reMix package for their new one. It drops in March.

French Horn Rebellion – Girls (FM Attack reMix)

♫ French Horn Rebellion – Girls (Rogue Vogue reMix)

French Horn Rebellion’s Girls is released 5th March.

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[MP3] French Horn Rebellion’s ‘Girls’

French Horn Rebellion

Not content with leaving it at just Poster Girls, New York duo French Horn Rebellion, even the inclusionists are now releasing a tribute to all Girls. Helped along the way by JD Samson, from Le Tigre & MEN, and rapper Fat Tony, French Horn Rebellion pull out all the stops to get the party started right here.

The new single a fun, feel good, tune with a laid back, but heavy, vibe. Rocking a bassline you can’t help but move to. Punchy synth stabs rub shoulders with  fleeting strings and a rolling electric piano riff in a multi layer tune where French Horn rebellion’s vocals are complimented by Samson and a breakdown from Fat Tony. Summery  and infectious, Girls will undoubtedly put a smile on your face.

French Horn Rebellion (Feat. JD Samson And Fat Tony) – Girls

French Horn Rebellion’s Girls is released 5th March.

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[MP3] French Horn Rebellion reMix Harts


Australian Indie-rocker Harts sure knows how to pick his reMixers. First he has the amazing Diamond Cut reMix his début single, all Too Real, now he’s got French Horn Rebellion on the case. Apparently Harts stepped in as drummer for FHR when they played down-under, so when it came tome for Harts reMixes, FHR were an obvious choice.

French Horn Rebellion drop a pumping Indie-Disco version of All Too Real, keeping much of the guitary feel of the track, but bestowing it with an added infectious Disco groove. The bassline stomps it’s way toward your heart like humming mind-control leaving tons of room for the rest of the track to a breezily lay down it’s fun summer grooves and Disco hooks.

Harts – All Too Real (French Horn Rebellion reMix)

You can pick up the All Too Real 7” here.

Check out more from Harts on SoundCloud.

Justin Faust reMixes French Horn Rebellion Vs. Database

French Horn Rebellion vs. Database

It’s been about two and a half years since New York duo French Horn Rebellion teamed up with Brazilian double act Database. That first meeting of minds produced the amazing Beaches & Friends and while both acts have been reasonably quite in the past few months is seems their time has been well spent getting the band back together.

This new collaboration has resulted in Poster Girl, which also features a sultry vocal cameo from music-blogger-about-town Nancy Lu, comes complete with a reMix from Germany’s finest, Justin Faust. Faust keeps the vocal intact, which is a good call as the track is a totally catchy, fun hit in the making, and drops them over a blissed out Disco tune that revolves around an infectious hook. This track is pure good times, to be enjoyed in the sun with friends.

French Horn Rebellion Vs. Database – Poster Girl (Justin Faust reMix)

French Horn Rebellion Vs. Database’s Poster Girl is released soon and also features both French Horn Rebellion and Database’s versions and an additional reMix from Peter Wade.

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Database reMix French Horn Rebellion

It should be no surprise to anyone that Database have reMixed French Horn Rebellion again. These guys are always up in each others business. Not that we mind, the results are always good for us.

Following on from the synthetic Disco awesomeness of their début EP, Database keep up their momentum with this fun, bass heavy, ElectroPop reMix. It’s got such a head nodding quality to it that this track could be a whiplash hazard after repeated listens.

French Horn Rebellion – Broken Heart (Database reMix)

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French Horn Rebellion’s ‘This Moment’, as reMixed by Jacuzzihidive

Post our remix of This Moment by our friends French Horn Rebellion! It’s fuckin’ hot!

That was basically the entire content of the email we received from Jacuzzihidive, an as much as we hate to admit it, they’re right. Their reMix is fuckin’ hot.

French Horn Rebellion’s ‘This Moment’ gets a full on analog Disco workout. Bouncing analog bass and strings give the track a new lease of life by this Las Vegas based ElectroPop trio, throw in some Moroder-esq synths and you’ve got a track that won’t quit.

It’s fuckin’ hot!

French Horn Rebellion – This Moment (Jacuzzihidive reMix)

French Horn Rebellion’s ‘This Moment’ has been out, like, forever!

French Horn Rebellion @ Beatport

French Horn Rebellion @ Juno

French Horn Rebellion @ 7Digital

French Horn Rebellion @ Amazon

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French Horn Rebellion; This Moment

Brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari, A.K.A. French Horn Rebellion, are gearing up for a November release of their début album, ‘The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion’.

The first single from the LP is ‘This Moment’, a pumping Disco jam with a smooth ElectroPop flavour.; The combination of live instruments, retro synths and Lo-Fi production make ‘This Moment’ the perfect tune for the returning September sunshine.

French Horn Rebellion – This Moment

‘The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion’ drops 9th November on Once Upon A Time Records.

French Horn Rebellion @ Beatport

French Horn Rebellion @ Juno

French Horn Rebellion @ 7Digital

French Horn Rebellion @ Amazon

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French Horn Rebellion reMix new OMD

So we’ve heard Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark eagerly awaited forthcoming single, ‘If You Want It’, we’ve heard the VillaNah reMix, now it’s time for French Horn Rebellion to take the stage and show off their reMix of the track.

From it’s seemingly never ending build to the eventual beat and bass drop it’s clear that the FHR guys had a lot of fun reMixing this track. It kinda’ takes classic OMD and puts it through an eclectic Electro meat grinder and manages to put it back together in a coherent, and catchy way.

OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark) – If You Want It (French Horn Rebellion reMix)

I love the fact that SynthPop pioneers such as OMD are getting such hip names in the current Electro scene to reMix for them, it shows they are still enjoying, and keeping up with, electronic music.

The ‘If You Want It’ single is released 6th September with ‘The History Of Modern’ slated to be released later this year.

OMD @ 7Digital

OMD @ Amazon

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Kitsuné X Ponystep


Last time Kitsuné Music collaborated with one of Richard Mortimer projects on a CD the end result was ‘Kitsuné/BoomBox’. Mixed by, both Kitsuné resident and resident at Mortimer’s legendary BoomBox club, Jerry Bouthier, the album brought together Electro-house and underground ElectroPop to amazingly capture the summer of 2007 for anyone listening to that type of music or going to those types of clubs. it was easily the soundtrack to the year.

This summer Kitsuné are partnering up with Mortimer’s current business, the London based Fashion/Music/Culture webzine PonyStep, to produce another compilation. Mixed, once more, by one half of JBAG, Bouthier, the track list is already impressive. Featuring the likes of Róisín Murphy, Bag Raiders, Adamski, Lindstrøm, Lo-Fi-Fnk, David E Sugar and Das Pop to name a few. BeatauCue’s reMix of Florrie’s ‘911’ makes an appearance in the form of a JBAG edit. As does Two Door Cinema Club’s previous single ‘I Can Talk’ as reMixed by French Horn Rebellion. With a line up like that, and Jerry Bouthier’s prowess at putting together an awesome electronic Pop mix this album should really be something special!

Florrie – 911 (BeatauCue reMix (JBAG Edit))

Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk (French Horn Rebellion reMix)

‘Kitsuné X Ponystep’ is released 5th July.

Kitsuné Music @ Beatport

Kitsuné Music @ Juno

Kitsuné Music @ 7Digital

Kitsuné Music @ Amazon



MiMó is, or rather was, Erasure’s Any Bell. Having recently released his second single, ‘Will You Be There?". ‘, under the moniker (a tribute to his friend Tomeau Mimó), Andy had decided to release future records under his own name due to more than one artist already using the name Mimo.

The singles, ‘Running Out’ and, the current, ‘Will You Be There?’ are a couple of Italo influenced ElectroPop/EuroPop tunes produced by Pop producer extraordinaire Pascal Gabriel. Upbeat, dancefloor, Pop tracks with Andy’s unmistakable vocals both singles have an impressive line up of reMixers. ‘Will You Be There?’ can include amongst it’s reMix credentials this mix from French Horn Rebellion who bring a relaxed Nu-Disco flavour to the track and ‘Running Out’ features a mix from Indie-Electro band-of-the-moment Fenech-Soler who’s sweeping, chilled, Electro mix is the highlight of the single.

MiMó – Will You Be There?- (French Horn Rebellion reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

MiMó – Running Out (Fenech-Soler reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Both singles are out now!

MiMó @ Beatport

MiMó @ 7Digital

MiMó @ Amazon