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Tempering their sound somewhat, French Electro-House duo BeatauCue are back in the game with a brand new forthcoming EP on Kitsuné Music. The Kyllan EP drops at the end of the month but before that BeatauCue are giving away this surprisingly Funky slice of pounding, warping Electro madness. Evola.

Whist calling to mind the blog fuelled Electro-House heyday of the late 2000s, Evola also folds a little Nu-Disco into the mix. With a deep ,warping bass growling it’s way throughout the track, Evola plays with Disco samples and starlight synths which somehow manage to find their way though the bass heavy groove. Peak time madness ensues.

BeatauCue –Evola

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BeatauCue reMix Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club

Hot on the heels of the release of their new album, Beacon, reMixes of Bangor Indie-Dance stars Two Door Cinema Club’s Sleep Along are coming in thick and fast. The single was released earlier this month and features reMixes from the likes of BeNi and The Knocks. Right here, though, we have a reworking from French noisy Disco merchants BeatauCue.

BeatauCue set you up with the original tune before dropping you right into a rockin’ Disco assault. Big speaker destroying beats and thick, thick synths dominate the track, yet it still manages to encompass the gentleness of the vocals. Chopping up the vocals in places, layering a darkly groovy bassline, buzzsaw synth and that fat French sound serves as a nice counterpoint to the track itself. Huge stuff from Alexis and Mederic!

Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone (BeatauCue reMix)

Two Door Cinema Club’s Sleep Alone single is out now.

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Cicada X BeatauCue


Cicada recently released their ‘Sunburst’ album which is an amazing twelve tracks of synthesizer Funk and ElectroPop tinged Nu-Disco.

It’s apparently selling well and in celebration they are giving away this reMix of the lead track ‘Come Together’ by BeatauCue who morph the track from smooth Disco to an ear bleeding Electro floorfiller. I think most people are pretty over big distorted kick-drum and sirens Electro these days, but this is actually quite a good example of it. In the good ol’ day’s we’d have called this a ‘banger’ or something.

Cicada – Come Together (BeatauCue Edit)

Cicada’s ‘Sunburst’ album is out now.

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BeatauCue’s ‘Disque Oh!’

This week sees the release of French production duo BeatauCue’s latest offering on Kitsuné Music.

‘Disque Oh!’ comes with an awesome reMix package consisting of mixes by the likes of Don Rimini, J-Wow, and High Rankin and this storming Electro-Disco tune by Eumig & Chinon. Cut up and crazy, the E&C reMix is a juggernaut of Disco riffs, Distorted chainsaw synths and big room French-Touch. It’s a powerhouse of a track.

BeatauCue – Disque Oh! (Eumig & Chinon reMix)

‘Disque Oh!’’ is out now!

BeatauCue @ Beatport

BeatauCue @ Juno

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Kitsuné X Ponystep


Last time Kitsuné Music collaborated with one of Richard Mortimer projects on a CD the end result was ‘Kitsuné/BoomBox’. Mixed by, both Kitsuné resident and resident at Mortimer’s legendary BoomBox club, Jerry Bouthier, the album brought together Electro-house and underground ElectroPop to amazingly capture the summer of 2007 for anyone listening to that type of music or going to those types of clubs. it was easily the soundtrack to the year.

This summer Kitsuné are partnering up with Mortimer’s current business, the London based Fashion/Music/Culture webzine PonyStep, to produce another compilation. Mixed, once more, by one half of JBAG, Bouthier, the track list is already impressive. Featuring the likes of Róisín Murphy, Bag Raiders, Adamski, Lindstrøm, Lo-Fi-Fnk, David E Sugar and Das Pop to name a few. BeatauCue’s reMix of Florrie’s ‘911’ makes an appearance in the form of a JBAG edit. As does Two Door Cinema Club’s previous single ‘I Can Talk’ as reMixed by French Horn Rebellion. With a line up like that, and Jerry Bouthier’s prowess at putting together an awesome electronic Pop mix this album should really be something special!

Florrie – 911 (BeatauCue reMix (JBAG Edit))

Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk (French Horn Rebellion reMix)

‘Kitsuné X Ponystep’ is released 5th July.

Kitsuné Music @ Beatport

Kitsuné Music @ Juno

Kitsuné Music @ 7Digital

Kitsuné Music @ Amazon