[Audio] Fred Falke reMixes Foxes’ ‘Let Go For Tonight’



Surely it can’t just be us who can’t hear Foxes’ impressive new single Let Go For Tonight without it sliding into Ellie Goulding’s Lights in your head? Actually, it probably is just us. Anyhoo, it’s a pretty big single, made even more bombastic by French Touch and ElectroPop legend Fred Falke, who once again swoops in and turns a slick Pop tune into a slick Disco monster. This one is classic Falke.

Rocking an insane selection of bass riffs, guitar licks and piano hooks, this reMix has Falke really going to town in his studio. There is only one direction in this tune; up. It keeps getting bigger and bigger, layering Disco soundtrack over Disco soundtrack until there is this immense, string fuelled; mirrorball gazing juggernaut that Foxes energetic vocals lend a Pop essentialness to. In all honestly, people could stop producing DiscoPop right now and this would stand as the pinnacle of the genre just fine. Both Foxes and Falke start 2014 hitting the ground running.

♫ Foxes – Let Go For Tonight (Fred Falke reMix)

Foxes Let Go For Tonight is out 23rd February.

Buy Foxes’ music from:

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