[Audio] Fred Falke reMixes Foxes’ ‘Let Go For Tonight’



Surely it can’t just be us who can’t hear Foxes’ impressive new single Let Go For Tonight without it sliding into Ellie Goulding’s Lights in your head? Actually, it probably is just us. Anyhoo, it’s a pretty big single, made even more bombastic by French Touch and ElectroPop legend Fred Falke, who once again swoops in and turns a slick Pop tune into a slick Disco monster. This one is classic Falke.

Rocking an insane selection of bass riffs, guitar licks and piano hooks, this reMix has Falke really going to town in his studio. There is only one direction in this tune; up. It keeps getting bigger and bigger, layering Disco soundtrack over Disco soundtrack until there is this immense, string fuelled; mirrorball gazing juggernaut that Foxes energetic vocals lend a Pop essentialness to. In all honestly, people could stop producing DiscoPop right now and this would stand as the pinnacle of the genre just fine. Both Foxes and Falke start 2014 hitting the ground running.

♫ Foxes – Let Go For Tonight (Fred Falke reMix)

Foxes Let Go For Tonight is out 23rd February.

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[Audio] Le Youth reMixes Foxes’ ‘Youth’



As we reported last week, one of ElectroPop songstress Foxes’ first tunes, Youth, is getting re-released, and as we can expect, it’s going to come with a loaded reMix package in a couple of months time. Included in that package is this slightly weird, but very cool, reMix from LA Disco producer Le Youth.

Le Youth pitched down the vocals, but not in a Chicago House way, in a was that oddly fits with what he’s done musically. Chopping and cutting the vocals over a deep Disco groove, Le Youth spins the track around with popping purcussion, sharp retro synths and an R&B swing. This is your new soundtrack for good times with good friends, even if the pitched down vocals are a tad unsettling at times.

♫ Foxes – Youth (Le Youth reMix)

Foxes’ Youth is released 6th October.

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[Video] Foxes’ ‘Youth’


Foxes   Youth   YouTube

One of Foxes’ first tunes, the bombastic ElectroPop of Youth, looks like it’s getting re-released, with a slick new production, as a single in a couple of months. Which we’re OK with, it’s an awesome tune that deserves to be bigger, and it might be with this slick video.

It’s a cool clip, which sees Foxes getting into Hipstervision mode that speaks to the youthfulness of the track.

Foxes’ Youth is released 6th October.

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[Video] Rudimental & Foxes’ ‘Right Here’


Rudimental   Right Here feat. Foxes  Official Video    YouTube

Here’s UK rising stars Rudimental witht heir latest slice of Pop Drum & Bass, Right Here, featuring the lovely Foxes on soulful vocal duties.

Josh Cold directed the clip. Filmed at the Tiger temple in Thailand with some massive sweeping crane shots.

Rudimental & Foxes’ Right Here is taken from Rudimental’s forthcoming album, Home, out now

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[Video] Foxes’ ‘Unknown’


Foxes   The Unknown  New Demo 2013    YouTube

This is the latest, well…nothing, from London singer/songwriter Foxes. It’s a demo from her forthcoming début album. It’s not a new single, the video isn’t even an actual video. But it’s all pretty amazing.

The footage was all shot on Foxes’ tour of the UK, US and Europe, and is basically her and her band mucking about to one of the best ElectroPop tracks of the year. really. This is like 2007 good.

Foxes début album is due out this year.

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Foxes + Pyramid + Monsieur Adi


Singer/songwriter Louisa Rose Allen’s recently had a second wind, as Foxes, when Neon Gold, always with the finger on the pulse of eclectic Pop, snapped her up for the release of her new single ‘Youth’. released earlier this  month.

Appropriately for Neon Gold, the single exists in the nexus between Ellie and Marina. Take Marina’s quirkiness and Ellie’s percussion led bombast and wrap them up with impassioned vocals and a sense of accessibility and it should see Foxes make quite a mark in 2012. You know Neon Gold has an eye for these things. The internet has been graced with some wonderful reMixes of the tune too. Pyramid, who début is still regularly playlisted round these parts, delivers an seriously impressive, driving, SynthWave mix. With a real analog rawness to it, yet still with a Pop sheen. Some majestic organs elevate a track which is probably my favourite version of the song, which is saying a lot when you hear the other reMix. Monsieur Adi, who since his début has done no wrong in our eyes, turns in an awesome, rhythmically exciting, slice of soaring Nu-DiscoPop. Frantic drumming and dagger sharp synth leads and a hint of Samba all fall into Adi’s melting pot and the result is a seven minute aural party.

Foxes – Youth (Pyramid reMix)

Foxes – Youth (Monsieur Adi reMix)

Foxes – Youth

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