Fred Falke reMixes Atlas Genius


Australian Indie-rockers Atlas Genius have been making quite the noise in Alt Rock circles these past few months. This seems to have culminated in a major label signing and money to pay good, talented, people to make their tunes less derivative Rock. Enter French Touch legend Mr.  Fred Falke to take a good, albeit standard Rock, song and make it an amazingly catchy big ElectroPop number.

Falke’s reMix of Trojans seems to tell the track to stop mucking around with pretension and ‘authenticness’ and get get on and have a bit of a dance and a good time. Riding, what is a really good vocal, with burbling synths and a Disco beat is just the thing, but it’s the soaring lead line that really makes this track pop. When it kicks in it’s one of those moments you’d just love to experience live. ElectroPop anthem style.

Atlas Genius – Trojans (Fred Falke reMix)

Atlas Genius’ Trojans is out now.

Buy Atlas Genius’s music from:


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