Giorgio Moroder reMixed by Aeroplane

Giorgio Moroder

So first MB Disco take my favourite Giorgio Moroder track, E=mc², and release a bunch of rad reMixes of it. Then, when they decide to go for round two, they pick my second favourite Moroder track, which is 1977’s From Here To Eternity as the subject of this new reMix collection. Not only that, but alongside the likes of ATTAR!, Compuphonic and Fusty Delights there’s an Aeroplane reMix! What more could I ask for?

Vito drops something really special here, It’s like two generation of Disco geniuses, a meeting of minds. Punchy, infectious bass, Aeroplane’s take on Moroder style arpeggio Disco and a percussion fuelled beat give Moroder’s hushed robotic vocals a new lease of life. In 1977 this was the future, now, in 2012, Aeroplane is making sure the track is still just as cosmic and Sci-Fi as it ever was. Amazing work. And, yes, we always use the same picture of Giorgio, because it;s amazing!

♫ Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity (Aeroplane reMix)

Giorgio Moroder Vs. MB Disco: From Here To Eternity is released 10th November.

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Aeroplane & Jamie Principle’s ‘In Her Eyes’


Aeroplane is shifting things into full steam ahead mode with his new label AeroPop. Finally, this week, the imprints inguinal release dropped, it’s a tune from Vito himself with Chicago House legend Jamie Principle on vocal duties.

In Her Eyes is perfect DiscoPop, loaded to bursting point with funky basslines, twisting leads and a smooth, catchy vocal. Amongst a star studded reMix package featuring an inescapable amazing Disco tinged House mix  from Tiger & Woods and work from Chopstick & Johnjon, sits this storming version from Mr. Louis La Roché. Probably the single’s standout reMix, Louis delivers a gritty Electro Disco with a soulful synth melody that soars above the track. Definitely the most uplifting tune of the package. In addition AeroPop are giving away this mix of the tune from Aussie Housemeister BeNi, who offers up a full-on House stompfest. Deep and irresistible.

♫ Aeroplane (Feat. Jamie Principle) – In Her Eyes (Louis La Roché reMix)

Aeroplane (Feat. Jamie Principle) – In Her Eyes (BeNi reMix)

In Her Eyes is out now.

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Oliver X Aeroplane


Well, it’s finally here. The long awaited reMix of Aeroplane’s We Can’t Fly, by LA Oliver duo Oliver. the fact that they’ve waited so long to release this much sought after track, even if they were saving it for Eskimo Records’ Eskimonde compilation, is quite bizarre, and probably harmed the track in terms of visibility. It’s easily worth the wait, but a bit disappointing that what could have been one of the tunes of the summer (summer 2010 that is) has been kinda’ wasted.

But, like we said, it was worth the wait. Thanks in majority to Oliver. The duo of Oliver ‘Oligee’ Goldstein and Vaughn ‘U-Tern’ Oliver have always been at the top of their game. Even two years ago they were producing slicker Dreamwave tinged Disco tunes than almost everybody else, and this reMix just proves it. It revolves around the vocals and this huge Funk synth riff that you just can’t help but nod your head too. It’s pure good times Disco with their trademark relaxing LA vibe. It’s a majestic track, that’s practically a dancefloor religious experience. Oh, and a little cowbell never hurt anyone.

♫ Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly (Oliver reMix)

Oliver’s reMix of Aeroplane’s We Can’t Fly will feature on Eskimo Records’ tenth anniversary box-set, Eskimonde – A Decade Of Eskimo Recordings, which drops 31st October.

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Aeroplane’s October 2012 Mix


Aeroplane – October 2012 Mix = Vito Aeroplane must be a busy man, what with starting his new AeroPop label and all, as this edition of his ‘monthly’ mixtapes is kinda’ September’s but a bit late, or something. Anyway, it a shiny Disco hour that includes the Tiger & Woods reMix of Aeroplane’s forthcoming new single.

Aeroplane – October 2012 Mix

The tracklist:

01. Mayer Hawthorne – No Strings (RAC reMix)
02. Mock & Toof – My Head
03. Monitor 66 – Triscuits
04. Lloydski – Go To Sleep (La Royale’s Do Not Sleep Version)
05. Electic Sound – Pareos (Future Feelings reMix)
06. Dan Croll – From Nowhere (Ben Gomori’s ‘Staring You In The Eye’ reMix)
07. Aeroplane (Feat. Jamie Principle) – In Her Eyes (Tiger & Woods reMix)
08. Ultracity – Delta
09. MANIK & Jeremy Glenn – Parasol
10. Andre VII – Discoteca Clandestina (Bufi reMix)
11. Alterworks – You Are Given
12. Michoacan – Disco Sucks So Good (Dubka reMix)
13. Infinity Ink – Infinity (Claude Vonstroke reMix)
14. Bat For Lashes – All Your Gold (Hercules And Love Affair reMix)

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Aeroplane reMixes Kimbra


We’ve been supporting out second favourite voice from New Zeland, Kimbra, since day one, well, since her dodgy MySpace page anyway. So it was pretty satisfying this year when she blew up and scored a worldwide number one record in the form of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know, even if we never want to hear that song ever again. We would have preferred Settle Down or Cameo Lover to have blown up, but he can have our fingers crossed her album Vows, will see a new level of awareness with a forthcoming reMix campaign, including this reMix of Two Way Street by non other than Aeroplane.

Well, what can you expect is going to happen here?, Two Way Street is a cool track, so give it to someone like Vito and magic is going to happen. This track is tight as hell, Aeroplane suitably teases the signatures of the track into a Housey Disco tune. Not too in-your-face, the reMix feels completely at ease with the vocal, folding a relaxed Disco beat and familiar, warm, synths into a huge chunk of chilled vocal gorgeousness.

♫ Kimbra – Two Way Street (Aeroplane reMix)

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Aeroplane’s August 2012 mix


Aeroplane – August 2012 Mix = Vito’s back with another stunning hour of Disco and House jams. There’s a bit of Maxi Soundsystem in there, a bit of Blende, some Lindstrøm & Todd Terje and even some Saint Etienne, ‘cos we know Vito loves his ElectroPop.

Aeroplane – August 2012 Mix

The tracklist:

01. Compuphonic (Feat. Marques Toliver) – Sunset (DJ T reMix)
02. Adriatique – Motions
03. Delia Ros – Love Rush
04. Luca C & Brigante – Flash of Light (Solomun reMix)
05. H.O.S.H. – HearThuG (Technicolor Main Mix)
06. Saint Etienne – Heading for The Fair (Time & Space Machine reMix)
07. Blende – Fake Love (The Living Islands Tropical Doom Dub)
08. Scandal – Just Let Me Dance (Maxxi Soundsystem reMix)
09. Lindstrøm – Eg-Ged-Osis (Todd Terje Extended Edit)
10. Colour Coding – Perfect (Baby Diego reMix)

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Aeroplane reMixes Erika Spring

Erika Spring

We’ve been diggin’ Au Revoir Simone’s Erika Spring’s solo work for the last couple of months now, but this is just the icing on the cake. Here next single for Cascine, Happy At Your Gate, reMixed by Mr. Vito Aeroplane. How’s that for a team-up?

Vito bring a touch of smooth to his electronic Disco with this reMix. it’s a slick combination of bouncy House bassline, Disco groove and vintage SynthPop lead lines. The mid-tempo pace of the track, and the steady, pulsing, dancefloor sound works perfectly with Erika’s hushed vocal. The drama in Erika’s performance is heightened as Aeroplane builds and builds toward the end of the track, increasing the tension, until it breaks for the finale. Additional production from Martin Dubka.

Erika Spring – Happy At Your Gate (Aeroplane reMix)

Happy At Your Gate is taken from Erika Spring’s self titled EP, out now on Cascine.

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The League Unlimited Orchestra edited by Aeroplane

The League Unlimited Orchestra

The League Unlimited Orchestra’s Love And Dancing is, of course, a The Human League album and not for the first time have the worlds of Nu-Disco legend Aeroplane and The Human League come together. Exciting stuff. So who’s that cheeky chappy in the photo? Well, that (for the 1% of readers of this site who wouldn’t know, but really should) is the late, great, Martin Rushent. He, basically, was The League Unlimited Orchestra. He’s the man who produced the greatest album ever made, The Human League’s Dare from 1981. Pressured by their Record Label for more released Rushent came up with the idea of releasing an record of Dub and Mixes of tracks from Dare, thus inventing the reMix album. A selection of Instrumentals to the untrained ear Love And Dancing is actually full of pretty complex and divergent reMixes. And mostly the work of Rushent.

So, for a long time Vito’s personal edit of the Love And Dancing version of Don’t You Want Me? was a staple of his set, originally put together for a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. Vito leaves the track largely intact, which is why it’s an edit not a reMix, subtly bring out it’s dancefloor qualities and stripping everything that’s not needed in a set. I think Martin would be proud that even now, in 2012, people are still crazy for his tunes.

The League Unlimited Orchestra – Don’t You Want Me? (Aeropop Edit)

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Aeroplane’s ‘May Mix’


Aeroplane – May 2012 Mix = This months (or last months, depending on how you look at it) mix from Vito Aeroplane has just dropped and comes loaded with summer jams, many of which we’ve featured this month. All good stuff and just in time for the weekend!

Aeroplane – May 2012 Mix

The tracklist:

01.Tanner Ross – Straight To The Moon
02. Flight Facilities – With You (David August reMix)
03. Satin Jacket’s (Feat. Eric Cozier) – Hollywood
04. Spirit Catcher – Rendez Vous
05. Chopstick & Johnjon – Doin’ it
06. Wexxel & SAE – Nostalgia (Phunktastike reMix)
07. Tobor Experiment Disco Experience – Disco Moog (Fabrizio Mammarella reMix)
08. Baio – Sunburn Modern
09. Mark Fanciulli – Sacrifice (Terence Parker reMix)
10. Sona Vabos – Hotblade
11. Rory Phillips – Cosmic Fluff

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Aeroplane’s ‘April Mix’


Aeroplane – April 2012 Mix = As the world flies by past us, it’s that time again for Vito to drop is choice cuts from the past month.  the new killers from Punks Jump Up and Hey Today! are in the mix along with a new reMix of Adamski (yes! Adamski!) from ATTAR!. Here comes the weekend!

Aeroplane – April 2012 Mix

The tracklist:

01. Pioneerball – Bananas
02. Joakim – Nothing Gold (Todd Terje reMix)
03. Trujillo – Acapulco Gold (Ron Basejam reMix)
04. Rocco Desentis – Danze Fraternalle
05. Finnebassen – If You Only Knew
06. Raiders Of The Lost Arp – Night Theme
07. Alistair Gillespie & Alex Deep – Good Ol’ Days (Thomas De Lorenzo reMix)
08. Hunter/Game – Reckless Lady
09. Adamski – I Like It (ATTAR! reMix)
10. Punks Jump Up – Mr. Overtime (Club Version)
11. Hey Today! – 83
12. Andrea Di Rocco – The Past Present

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