The League Unlimited Orchestra edited by Aeroplane

The League Unlimited Orchestra

The League Unlimited Orchestra’s Love And Dancing is, of course, a The Human League album and not for the first time have the worlds of Nu-Disco legend Aeroplane and The Human League come together. Exciting stuff. So who’s that cheeky chappy in the photo? Well, that (for the 1% of readers of this site who wouldn’t know, but really should) is the late, great, Martin Rushent. He, basically, was The League Unlimited Orchestra. He’s the man who produced the greatest album ever made, The Human League’s Dare from 1981. Pressured by their Record Label for more released Rushent came up with the idea of releasing an record of Dub and Mixes of tracks from Dare, thus inventing the reMix album. A selection of Instrumentals to the untrained ear Love And Dancing is actually full of pretty complex and divergent reMixes. And mostly the work of Rushent.

So, for a long time Vito’s personal edit of the Love And Dancing version of Don’t You Want Me? was a staple of his set, originally put together for a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. Vito leaves the track largely intact, which is why it’s an edit not a reMix, subtly bring out it’s dancefloor qualities and stripping everything that’s not needed in a set. I think Martin would be proud that even now, in 2012, people are still crazy for his tunes.

The League Unlimited Orchestra – Don’t You Want Me? (Aeropop Edit)

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