[Audio] Aeroplane reMixes Pool


In his second reMix of the week Aeroplane keeps up the pressure. Turning his attention to German Indie band Pool’s Flex single, Vito delivers another slice of upbeat ElectroPop, this time weaving some of the original’s guitars into the mix and slowing things down a little, whilst sounding faster.

Normally we’d rather  he excised the guitar, but right here it sounds amazing. Keeping that funky little lick actually makes the track. This is nicely juxtaposed by a growling analog bass and the brightest of synth riffs. This has the result of turning the hazy Folk of the original into an infectiously catchy Pop tune. Once again Aeroplane has taken a mediocre track, and turned it into gold. Surely it’s time for an Aeroplane reMix album?

♫ Pool – Flex (Aeroplane reMix)

Pool’s Flex  is out now on Solomun’s 2DIY4 label.

Buy Pool’s music from:


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