[Audio] Compuphonic’s ‘Sunset’ reMixes’


Last summer Belgian producer Compuphonic released the Marques Toliver featuring Sunset. It’s a solid Deep House tune, but feels a little uninspired, a bit by-the-numbers if you will. Have no fear though, out this weeks is a pretty classy reMix collection that more than makes up for things Aeroplane, Waze & Odyssey, Aashton & Swift, David Keno, Fabio Giannelli & LPXZ all take their turn to deliver their version of the tune, sweeping up those smooth R&B vocals and making them something new. here’s out picks of the EP.

Aeroplane’s mix is probably the EP’s highlight, whipping up the track into a huge DiscoPop monster. With keys from a 70s cop show and plucked strings straight out of an 80s music video, Aeroplane makes everything bright and shiny. There’s hints of mid-80s Jean-Michelle Jarre in there, set to a stomping beat, and a big retro Pop sheen as Vito serves up one of the best Pop tracks of the year so far. Aashton & Swift take the track in the opposite direction, showing how deep Piano House should be done. Moody and exotic, with just the right amount of 90s House groove. The duo mange to combine a deep, deep, vibe with a light breezy track to create something that is both compellingly danceable, but fun too. Waze & Odyssey, on the other hand, turn in an undulating warehouse sound, loaded with bleeps and bass that makes us all nostalgic. The introduction of a slick organ riff compounds the track, bringing everything together for an intoxicating dancefloor experience. all-in-all it’s a sweet reMix collection that let’s the song shine the way it should have been allowed to all along.

♫ Compuphonic (Feat. Marques Toliver) – Sunset (Aeroplane reMix)

♫ Compuphonic (Feat. Marques Toliver) – Sunset (Aashton & Swift reMix)

♫ Compuphonic (Feat. Marques Toliver) – Sunset (Waze & Odyssey Street Tracks Mix)

Compuphonic’s Sunset reMixes are out now on Beatport followed by everywhere else on 1st March.

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Aashton & Swift’s Holy House

Aashton & Swift

Their press release would have you believe that Aashton & Swift are from Brighton. They’re not, well, one is (Aashton), the other (Swift) is from Bristol, the greatest of all cities. Bristol is not amused by this heinous of errors and demands blood. If not then at least get your ears ‘round their new single on Body Work. Holy House, released next month.

Holy House hard as hell to pin down, but once you slip into it’s groove it’s hard to get back out again. A light Chicago House refrain floats over some seriously heavy Deep Tribal House creating this exotic, hypnotic musical mantra that draws you in and doesn’t let go. Immensely funky, Holy House is pure late night jam. Covenant the track’s flip side brings in Aashton & Swift Electro Boogie side a little more, shining a light on their Disco fuelled digital bass. It’s a track that in equal amounts brings to mind both sweaty House dancefloors and B-Boy spinning on their heads. There sounds like some early Juan Aitkins in there somewhere. Tronic Youth finish up the single, taking Holy House and layering it with their eclectic Disco sheen with some shiny percussion and a range of Dub effects. It’s a solid single, and one that’ll have you hitting repeat.

♫ Aashton & Swift – Holy House

Aashton & Swift – Covenant

♫ Aashton & Swift – Holy House (Tronik Youth Mix)

Aashton & Swift’s new single drops on 3rd September via Body Work.