Grum reMixes Mary Epworth

Mary Epworth

After a period or relative quite,  Grum is back in the game. hot on the heels of his reMix from Lonsdale Boys Club a couple of weeks ago he’s keeping the momentum going with this new reMix for British singer/songwriter Mary Epworth. Epworth has already been reMixed by a host of awesome names and getting Grum in on the game, one of the pioneers of the Dreamwavey end of Nu-Disco, is the icing on the cake.

Grum’s reMix of ‘Long Game’ sees him continue to walk the part toward the a big room sound, not that he wasn’t always a purveyor of huge, uplifting tunes. If fact, I would go so far as to say this new sound Grum is flirting with is Nu-Disco in a Euphoric Trance mould, it basically has the arrangement of a hands-in-the-air Trance track but with more of a Disco groove, just a little bit more. Because really this is a big Trance track, and a really good one too, perfect for a peak time moment and Mary Epworth’s vocals play right into that. Grum is going huge, the future is his.

♫ Mary Epworth – Long Gone (Grum reMix)

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