Ronika’s Lovegang mixtape

Pictured Ronika photographed at the Village Underground in Shoreditch, London.  Images by Daniel Lewis +44(0)7813 987475

Ronika – Guestmix For Lovegang Perfume Release Party = Short but sweet (just like Ron herself) this mix for our German brethren Lovegang’s Perfume launch party drops some smooth House and Disco sounds and an touch of an early 90’s R&B flavour. It makes a great rainy day mix.

♫ Ronika – Guestmix For Lovegang Perfume Release Party

The tracklist:

01. New Look – Janet (He Doesn’t Know I’m Alive)
02. Art In Motion – Holy Disco Days
03. Kartell – Riviera
04. Aeroplane (Feat. Kathy Diamond) – Whispers
05. Ronika – Only Only
06. John Talabot – Oro Y Sangre

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Goin’ Old School: Michael Jackson, Rockwell, Skinny Puppy

Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

We start a trio of Halloween tunes with the don. it’s Quincy Jones’, oh and Michael Jackson’s, Thriller from 1982.

From 1984 Rockwell’s hit Someone’s Watching Me.

Skinny Puppy’s 1989 track Warlock. Probably the nicest tune the ever made.

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Kid Kasio’s ‘Telephone Line’ video

Kid Kasio has just premièred his new video, it’s for the insanely catchy Telephone Line, taken from his amazing début album from earlier this year, Kasiotone.

Directed by Nick Gough & Kid Kasio himself, the clip is another excursion into KK’s mid-80s dreamland. The look, the fashion, the video effects, all mount up into one incredible fun, authentic Top Of The Pops experience.

Kid Kasio’s Kasiotone is available right now.

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LIGHTS’ ‘Timing Is Everything’ video

LIGHTS new video, her first since February’s Banner clip is the third single taken from her excellent Siberia album. The catchy ElectroPop noise romp Timing Is Everything is a definitely a good choice for single material.

The clip was directed by Ken Galloway and is a colourful slick of kitsch that seems to fit LIGHTS personality well.

Siberia by LIGHTS is out now.

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Hercules And Love Affair’s ‘Release Me’

Hercules And Love Affair

Following Digalism’s stunning entry into the series, the next gang up for the honour of compiling a DJ-KICKS album is Hercules And Love Affair. Despite a relatively mediocre second album, the members of H&LA have been producing, collaborating and featuring on some of this years most amazing releases. As is the way DJ-KICKS things work, Hercules And Love Affair have a new original track in the mix, and Release Me give us the impression that the guys have  taken a lot from their various works this year and brought it back to H&LA.

Butler and Pistel really bring an early ‘90’s Pop vibe to Release Me, alongside some ecclectic synth work and retro House Piano. It’s the logical progression from both their past work and the collaboration with Moonlight Matters earlier in the year. Bringing a B-Boy beat and a hint of Electro Boogie to work with the gentle vocals creates a nice contrast, but what elevates this track to greatness is the liberal use of those all-important orchestral stabs.

♫ Hercules And Love Affair – Release Me (DJ-KICKS)

Hercules And Love Affair’s DJ-KICKS is released 29th October on Studio !K7

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Goin’ Old School: Just Depeche Mode

Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

In light of Depeche Mode announcing their 2013 tour, to support a brand new album, yesterday, lets have a Depeche Mode Goin’ Old School’. Starting with People Are People from 1984.

My second favourite Depeche Mode track (the first being Strangelove, which we’ve already used on Goin’ Old School), 1985’s Shake the Disease.

And finally, because we’ve never featured it and it had to be done. 1989’s Enjoy the Silence. Easily one of the best songs ever written.

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Picture Book’s new EP

Picture Book

At the start of this year London based duo Picture Book released their début single, Sunshine, which we grew quite fond of, especially the storming Justin Faust reMix. It’s a track that could have been a lot bigger than it was. Well, now it;s time for round two as Picture book have just released their second offering. A four track EP titled Songs About Aimee.

In My Head is the EPs standout track. Of the four originals present it;s the one that sticks with you the most. Skilfully mixing fluffy commercial dance music with shiny Pop, Picture Book deliver a clean, sharp track that is as dancey as it is catchy. With am impassioned chorus and a Balearic building backing In My Head is slick Dance Pop done right. Being In Love (For The First Time) is the EP’s opener, and sets up the proceedings quite well with it’s piercing lead line set against bassy post-Euphoric Trance Ibiza electronics and a soulful vocal. Elsewhere in the EP you’ll find the deeper Why Are We Wasting Our Time and the chilled sunrise tune of Nothing Wrong With Goodbye. After grabbing out attention with Sunshine, Picture Book have proved it wasn’t a fluke.

♫ Picture Book – In My Head

♫ Picture Book – Being In Love (For The First Time)

Picture Book’s Songs About Aimee EP is out now.

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Patrick Baker gets Spooky

Patrick Baker

Just in time for Halloween American retro SynthPop superstar Patrick Baker has dropped a new slice of sinister Pop. Appropriately titled Spooky the track, in the vein of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, channels the best 80s Halloween Pop.

Spooky hit all the right notes for a fun, funky, seasonal hit. It’s got the nice FM minor chords, funky plucked guitar, and a big horn section. Patrick really shows of hit vocal range as he belts out the kind of fun horror narrative so common in the charts around the end of October in the 80s. Spooky is catchy as hell to and is so pitch perfect that if you play it at your Halloween bash your friends will swear it;s a track the recognise from the 80s.. We could have waited until next week to feature this tune, maybe we should have, but you can sit of awesomeness like this! Just wait until the organ breakdown and build, pure class.

Patrick Baker – Spooky

Check out more from Patrick Baker on SoundCloud.

Alphabeat’s free reMix collection


Danish ElectroPop champions Alphabeat’s last single Love Sea was an enormous saccharin slice of catchy Pop. Like someone shining very bright, colourful, lights in your eyes whilst spoon-feeding you cake icing. We would expect no less from Alphabeat really, it’s part of their charm. Now the six-piece have release a reMix package for the single, it contains some serious talent, and it;s all free.

So, first up Mr. Frankmusik takes a crack at the tune. The man delivers a storming Housy mix, complete with hypnotic piano and a hands-in-the-air vibe. Using just the right amount of the originals vocals, Frankmusik creates a party mood and keeps the deep bass rumbling. The Sound Of Arrows inject the track with some of their slick ElectroPop sounds making the track sound every bit as epic and majestic as one of their own. Kastra kick off with a You Got The Love arpeggio before lifting Love Sea up into a big anthemic main room House tune with all the big room House elements you’d expect, cut up vocals, stabbing synths, and sing-a-long vocals. there four other reMixes on the release, covering a range of dancefloor moods, for free it’s a total winner.

Alphabeat – Love Sea (Frankmusik reMix)

♫ Alphabeat – Love Sea (The Sound of Arrows reMix)

♫ Alphabeat – Love Sea (Kastra reMix)

The Love Sea reMixes can be downloaded for free from Alphabeat’s website.

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NV’s ‘Alright’ edited by Slow It Down & Elijah Collins

Elijah Collins

One of out favourite purveyors of Boogie, Elijah Collins has teamed up with Glaswegian Disco double-act Slow It Down for this brand new single, or double A-side more like. Alright and I Don’t Need are two huge chunks of retro Disco featuring some particularly groove laden synths.

Alright isn’t really Slow It Down & Elijah Collins’ tune, it’s actually quite a light edit of NV’s classic ‘Alright’ from 1983, but that doesn’t stop it being an Italo tinged Disco beast. The track has a killer synth bassline, it totally dominates the track, aside from snatches of the original’s vocals. Not a lot has been changed from the original, a stronger beat, sections of that pumping bassline stretched out, but generally it’s a slick, dancefloor oriented extended mix of the track. On the B-side, Cherelle’s 1989 hit Affair gets a similarly breezy editing for I Don’t Need. With most of the original intact but that heavy bassline drawn out into extended bridge sections and some occasional filtering. It’s a dancefloor monster to be sure. this is how to do Disco edits right, people take note. It’s a little odd that they are being sold as originals, but that doesn’t detract from some huge Electro Bogie on offer.

♫ Slow It Down & Elijah Collins – Alright

♫ Slow It Down & Elijah Collins – I Don’t Need

Slow It Down & Elijah Collins Alright EP is released 5th November as a Juno exclusive with an October 12” release preceding it.

Check out more from Slow It Down & Elijah Collins on SoundCloud.