Queen Of Hearts & Kissy Sell Out’s ‘You’re Not The One’ video

According to San City Records this is the official video for Kissy Sell Out’s Queen Of Hearts featuring You’re Not The One. There’s so much wrong with that.

1. The video is only 2m30s, with is shorter even than the radio rip we posted a while back. 2. Queen Of Hearts isn’t in it, which is a shame as she is infinitely easier on the eye than Mr. Sell Out as well as having an enigmatic video presence. 3. Mr. Sell Out is chatting over most of it, which makes it feel like self-congratulatory ego stroking rather than promoting a new tune, you barely get to hear the new record in the clip.

We hope that San City are a little optimistic when they say ‘official video’, and they pull their fingers out and make something proper, otherwise the words “dropped the ball” might be in order. It’s a really cool tune that deserves better promotion than this mess. The only reason we’re featuring it at all is because we highly recommend the track itself.

Despite the video saying ‘out now’, You’re Not The One is released 3rd September as the first of a series of EPs featuring Kissy collaborating with a host of fresh and established talent.

Buy Kissy Sell Out’s music from:

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