Icarus!’s ‘Woot’


Every blog I know was bombarded with this track yesterday, it was like social media carpet bombing. But y’know what?, the track is really good. It comes from Colombian producer Icarus! and it’s called Woot (for some reason)

It’s a really well crafted slice of Disco-House, and although track like this are ten-a-penny these days, there is something really compelling about this one. The chord progression hits just the right note for the track, elevating above it’s bog-standard Disco-House contemporaries. The bassline too, and the way it feeds the rest of the track make this a standout production. Occasionally, we are quite pleased we got bothered on all our social media accounts. This is one of those times. Nice one Icarus!

Icarus! – Woot

Check out more from Icarus! on SoundCloud.

Icarus’ unique albums


You’re either going to love this, or hate it. But you can’t knock the fact that the concept for IDM act Icarus’ new album is something pretty special.

Their new release, ‘Fake Fish Distribution, is limited to 1000 copies. what’s interesting about that is each copy will be unique. Using generative programming techniques Icarus have crafted and experimental synthesizer odyssey that morphs itself, which they recorded 1000 times.  “Icarus’ album, Fake Fish Distribution (FFD), uses generative and parametric software techniques to create 1000 unique records. FFD comes in the form of a vast array of structured variations on the album’s musical content, feeding unique versions to each unique listener.The album is available as a limited edition, via the normal medium of music distribution — the media file download — with each of the 1000 versions only being sold once and in sequential order. Upon purchase, you become the owner of that unique version.” Here’s a taste of what to expect if you happen to buy album number 500.

♫ Icarus – Fake Fish Distribution Sampler (Version 500)

You can purchase a unique copy of the album from their official website.

Check out more from Icarus on SoundCloud.