A whole host of Strange Talk reMixes

strange talk

Usually when so many tracks or reMixes arrive in the inbox over the a few weeks the artist has got something new to sell.

Not so with Strange Talk. You’ve already heard the EP, you’ve seen the videos, heard the reMixes, you already bounced around all summer to ‘Climbing Walls’, no here is some new reMixes just to let you know that the guys are still here, touring Australia right now, and will be back soonish with a new single. That’s it, just like “Hello, we’re still here, have a some reMixes from Van She and Tim Fuchs. Laters”. So enjoy a welcome return from Van She Tech and their bassy Disco mix, Strange Talk’s own analog ‘80’s ElectroPop workout and Mr. Fuchs’ Deep House take on ‘Eskimo Boy’ and remember, Strange Talk aren’t dead.

Strange Talk – Climbing Walls (Van She Tech reMix)

Strange Talk – Climbing Walls (Strange Talk reMix)

Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy (Tim Fuchs reMix)

Their new single ‘Sexual Lifestyle’ should be coming out soon.

Buy Strange Talk’s music from:

The Vandroid has landed!

It’s been a while since we wrote about them here, now there’s finally some movement on the Vandroid front.

More tracks from the soundtrack to the mythical 1984 Sci-Fi action movie Vandroid have surfaced. As you might recall the first of the Vandroid tracks we heard was the Van She Tech reMix, now reMixes from Yuksek, Fred Falke, Boy 8-Bit and Siriusmo have been unearthed and put together in the form of the ‘Master And Slave’ reMixes EP..

First up, this Yuksek reMix is one of the best things I have heard all year, no question, pure Nu-Disco, ElectroPop brilliance with that slightly rough sound from his album. Using the vocals sparsely, but to rad effect Yuksek really knocks it out the park. Fred Falke’s is wicked too. Stripping the track down to an, almost Industrial, Electro Rock track. These are backed up by Boy 8-Bits’ deep Electro groove as be brings a hypnotic track with some standout distorted synth percussion and Siriusmo’s cut-up Disco take on the track.

The Vandroid project is totally exiting, not just ‘cos some of the biggest names in Electro are contributing some of their best work, but because they have made the whole thing fun, interesting and addictive. It’s a pity we’ll never actually get to see the movie!”

Vandroid – Master And Slave (Yuksek reMix)

Vandroid – Master And Slave (Fred Falke Mix)

Vandroid – Master And Slave (Boy 8-Bit reMix)

Vandroid – Master And Slave (Siriusmo ‘Slave Disco’ reMix)

You can get the whole EP in high quality for free, and more on the backstory, on the official Vandroid site.

Vandroid @ Official Website

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This track’s been knocking around for a few days now but I couldn’t help but share it with you.

You’ve probably heard the Vandroid buzz by now. Lost 80’s grindhouse movie? Missing soundtrack? Check some of the press release:

“In a windowless warehouse building on the dreary outskirts of town, an unknown purveyor of grind-house cinema was beginning principal photography on what would be it’s last film ever. That summer, in that same warehouse, a young audio engineer named Fujiyama was contracted to record a visionary album as a companion piece to the film using a preproduction test unit of the latest synthesising equipment from Sansui in Osaka.

But sadly, the film and the soundtrack created for it, would not be completed according to plan.

A few weeks later, a freak fire raged out of control, destroying the studio. The barrister found the owners innocent. Insurance checks were cut. And the masters for the film and soundtrack were presumed gone forever.

In the Summer of 2009, Police were called by county court to open a rental-storage locker in the San Fernando Valley, CA with payments long overdue registered to a man by the name of Fujiyama Matsumoto, deceased, as confirmed by LA County Coroner’s Office, 2007.

Presumed lost forever, the visionary unfinished concept album was found in a sealed box in the back of the storage locker and now this epic soundtrack from this unreleased film is about to be released over 25 years after it’s creation.”

What is know is that there will probably be an album put together by some of the best new disco names around. Van She Tech and Fred Falke are definatly on the cards. Speaking of which, it’s been a while since Van She got their reMixing groove on so here’s the first of the Vandriod tracks, ‘Master & Slave’, and it’s Van She Tech mix. It’s a pretty great start to whatever Vandroid is.

Vandroid – Master & Slave (Van She Tech reMix)

Visit the Vandroid site for more backstory.

Vandroid @ Official Website

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