[Audio] Strange Talk’s ‘Eskimo Boy’ reMixed by Polar Sun


Strange Talk

Australian Indie-ElectroPoppers Strange Talk’s Eskimo Boy is pretty old now (by the super fast Internet based music industry standards of the 2010’s, which is an awful thing, but that’s a rant for a Friday), having been released in 2011. It; been given a fresh coat of synths and a new lease of life by Belgian duo Polar Sun who reMixed the tune to fit into their DJ sets, the result is a synthetic Disco wonder.

Polar Sun’s reMix has a nice raw analog feel to it. The lead synths are sharp and crisp, the basses are warm an rumbling and the drums are suitably Spartan. the guys weave a rich and undulating seven minutes of screaming arpeggios and nostalgic chords, keeping the energy levels up but delivering a friendly, chilled, Nu-Disco groove. The prefect accompaniment for the original’s Indie anthem vocals. We imagine this went down in their sets particularly well.

♫ Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy (Polar Sun reMix)

Strange Talk’s Eskimo Boy is taken from their self-titled début EP, out now.

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[Video] Strange Talk’s ‘Falling In Love’

We posted Aussie Indie-ElectroPoppers Strange Talk’s new single Falling In Love back in November last year. it;s a cool track indeed, but it’s only just getting a video, which seems like a promotional missed boat, but there we are.

The clip is directed by Costa Vakas and sees Strange Talk raving their asses off basically. which, if you know the track, you’ll probably agree works pretty well.

Strange Talk’s Falling In Love is out now.

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[Audio] Strange Talk’s new single

Strange Talk

Here is the forthcoming new single from Australia’s reining Indie-ElectroPop outfit Strange Talk. Amongst certain circles they took the end of the summer by storm with their Cast Away single (as they did the summer before with Climbing Walls). It;s hard to imagine Strange Talk releasing a song for the winter months, but let’s see what they’ve come up with.

Falling In Love is pretty typical Strange Talk fare on the surface. Big dancefloor beats, anthemic vocals, and upbeat Indie vibe, but this is probably the most commercial, and commercially dancy, track they’ve done to date. And all that rests on big piercing rave synths. Which leaves us feeling a little two-minded about the tune. One the one hand it’s an amazing song track, just as you’d expect from, brilliant ElectroPop, then on the other had you have big 90s Trance synths, which always strike us as really musically lazy. The Pop producer’s first resort to make  a tune sound a bit ravey. Sounds like a Stargate production, and that’s not a good thing. Still, there’s a class tune underneath all that, hands-in-the-air brilliance (that’s why we’re posting it) and hopefully this is Strange Talks last experiment with Trance leads, we know they are better than that.

♫ Strange Talk – Falling In Love

Falling In Love is out early 2013.

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Relfex reMixes Strange Talk


Released later this month is Cast Away, the new single from Australian Indie-ElectroPop outfit Strange Talk. The bombastic, catchy tune is backed by a host of cool reMixes, we’ve already had a listen to Plastic Plates take on the tune, so now it’s time for one of our favourite French double acts, Reflex, to flex their reMix muscles and step up to the plate.

This tune is washed in exactly the kind of fun, slightly quirky electronics. Suited both for the dancefloor, and just to cheep yourself up. Reflex, more than many others in their field, have a real character to their music, even the instrumental stuff. It’s ElectroPop with a very specific personality. The original’s hushed vocals are paired up here with Relfex’s Disco beats, sweeping synths and idiosyncratic melodies. It’s all uplifting and charming stuff, but then Reflex’s tracks always are.

♫ Strange Talk – Cast Away (Reflex reMix)

Strange Talk’s new album is expected to drop next year.

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Plastic Plates reMixes Strange Talk

strange talk

We featured Australian Indie-ElectroPoppers Strange Talk’s new single, Cast Away, a couple of weeks ago. Now were pretty excited by the fact that once of the reMixes for the track is provided by Plastic Plates, one of our favourite producers of recent years. Not only that, but the amazing reMix is a freebie!

Cast Away is a fantastic tune in it’s own right, upbeat and summery ElectroPop fun, but with the addition of Plastic Plates synth Disco sounds the track is unbeatable. The original has a hook just made for reMixing, and Plastic Plates takes that refrain and runs with it. It’s the bassline that kills on this one, PP is well versed in retro Disco bassline work and this one right here is no exception. Punchy and funky as hell, the bassline is one you just can’t help but move to. This bass excellence is layered with rich vintage synth work and Strange Talk’s summery vocal. It’s not summer anymore I think we have to admit that, but Plastic Plates’ and Strange Talk’s robotic Tropical sounds might just have you believing it still is.

Strange Talk – Cast Away (Plastic Plates reMix)

Strange Talk’s new album is expected to drop next year.

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Strange Talk’s ‘Cast Away’ video

amazing antipoden Indie-ElectroPoppers Strange Talk are back with a band new single, Cast Away, and it;s every bit as good as their hit of last year, Climbing Walls.

Check the video directed by Phillip Sage, which pairs up the lush synths and catchy chorus with some nice hazy, nostalgic, visuals.

Strange Talk’s new album is expected to drop next year.

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Strange Talk’s ‘Sexual Lifestyle’

strange talk

Australian Indie-ElectroPoppers Strange Talk’s new single is here.

‘Sexual Lifestyle’ capitalises on the success of their summer anthem ‘Climbing Walls’ with another upbeat, slightly rowdy, dark club sing-a-long. Channelling Fenech-Soler at times (no bad thing) Strange Talk layer thick the big hooks and stadium vocals. Unsurprisingly, when you hear it, Van She has a hand in production.

Strange Talk – Sexual Lifestyle

Strange Talk’s début album is set to drop mid-2012.

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A whole host of Strange Talk reMixes

strange talk

Usually when so many tracks or reMixes arrive in the inbox over the a few weeks the artist has got something new to sell.

Not so with Strange Talk. You’ve already heard the EP, you’ve seen the videos, heard the reMixes, you already bounced around all summer to ‘Climbing Walls’, no here is some new reMixes just to let you know that the guys are still here, touring Australia right now, and will be back soonish with a new single. That’s it, just like “Hello, we’re still here, have a some reMixes from Van She and Tim Fuchs. Laters”. So enjoy a welcome return from Van She Tech and their bassy Disco mix, Strange Talk’s own analog ‘80’s ElectroPop workout and Mr. Fuchs’ Deep House take on ‘Eskimo Boy’ and remember, Strange Talk aren’t dead.

Strange Talk – Climbing Walls (Van She Tech reMix)

Strange Talk – Climbing Walls (Strange Talk reMix)

Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy (Tim Fuchs reMix)

Their new single ‘Sexual Lifestyle’ should be coming out soon.

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Strange Talk’s ‘Climbing Walls’ video

Strange Talk’s awesome summer anthem ‘Climbing Walls, from their self-titled EP, is now available for your viewing pleasure in glorious Technicolor.

Dancing, sunshine, bright colours and an 80’s feel. Exactly what you’d expect from a video to this track.

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Strange Talk’s ‘Eskimo Boy’ video

This is the brand new video for Strange Talk’s ‘Eskimo Boy’. The track is taken from their awesome self-titled EP.

Director Garth Badger turns the soft-focus summery vibe up to eleven with a group of paradise castaways, a look that goes really well with Strange Talk’s brand of Indie-ElectroPop.

Strange Talk’s self titled EP is out now.

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