A whole host of Strange Talk reMixes

strange talk

Usually when so many tracks or reMixes arrive in the inbox over the a few weeks the artist has got something new to sell.

Not so with Strange Talk. You’ve already heard the EP, you’ve seen the videos, heard the reMixes, you already bounced around all summer to ‘Climbing Walls’, no here is some new reMixes just to let you know that the guys are still here, touring Australia right now, and will be back soonish with a new single. That’s it, just like “Hello, we’re still here, have a some reMixes from Van She and Tim Fuchs. Laters”. So enjoy a welcome return from Van She Tech and their bassy Disco mix, Strange Talk’s own analog ‘80’s ElectroPop workout and Mr. Fuchs’ Deep House take on ‘Eskimo Boy’ and remember, Strange Talk aren’t dead.

Strange Talk – Climbing Walls (Van She Tech reMix)

Strange Talk – Climbing Walls (Strange Talk reMix)

Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy (Tim Fuchs reMix)

Their new single ‘Sexual Lifestyle’ should be coming out soon.

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