Miracle’s new single


The almighty Steve Moore is back, the hardest working man in retro synth music is gearing up for the first proper single release (after the severely limited ‘The Visitor’ 12” and the ‘Fluid Window’ mini-album) of his duo project with Daniel O’Sullivan, Miracle.

The single, ‘Good Love’, opens with typically Moore vintage synths and a slightly Italo feel before powering into a majestic, SynthPop anthem. The mixture of ‘80’s European dance music with Depeche Mode style grandiose lyrical religious imagery. Like and orchestra of Italo, Moore and O’Sullivan crate a rousing yet melancholy sound with enough understanding of the dancefloor to see them as big contenders for HURTS, or at least a HURTS for the SynthWave crowd.

♫ Miracle – Good Love

‘Good Love’ is released 27th November on House Anxiety Records.

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