Kap10Kurt reworks Pet Shop Boys’ ‘Suburbia’

Fresh from mixing duties on Erasure’s re-release of ‘A Little Respect’, ElectroPop/Nu-Disco innovator Kap10Kurt has turned his attention to a whole crop of classic 80’s tracks making them prime fodder for an DJs set.

The man has kindly let us share with you his awesome take on Pet Shop Boys’ ‘Suburbia’ (my personal favourtie PSB track!). Like all good reworks of songs this legendary it keeps the song srtucture pretty much intackt, after all it’s something ingrained in the popular psyche, but brings it crashing into the 21st century with a kicking new beat and bassline and washed with some lush retro synths. Add in a few edits and cuts here and there and what you’re left with is a storming dancefloor track that’s also a classic anthem. That’s a win/win all round!

Pet Shop Boys – Suburbia (Kap10Kurt Rework)

You can find the rest of his 80’s reworks on his SoundCloud page.

Kap10Kurt also has a, slightly terrifying, message for electronic rumors readers:


The Kap10’ is currently gearing up for the release of his new single, ‘Speed Demon’, which drops in January 2011 on Kris Menace’s label Work It Baby and features reMix skills from none other than Justin Faust. If that has you salivating, check out Kap10Kurt’s previous singles:

Kap10Kurt @ Beatport

Kap10Kurt @ Juno

Kap10Kurt @ 7Digital

Kap10Kurt @ Amazon

Pet Shop Boys @ Beatport

Pet Shop Boys @ Juno

Pet Shop Boys @ 7Digital

Pet Shop Boys @ Amazon

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Pet Shop Boys…Grum…West End Girls…awesome!

Well, this is already vying for position as my favourite track of the year, it feels like I’ve been waiting all my life for this tune.

Nu-Disco über-producer Grum’s reMix of Pet Shop Boys’ ‘West End Girls’ features as B-side on the SynthPop duo’s new single ‘Together’ and, for me anyway, it’s an almost perfect meeting of everything I grew up with and everything I love now. I love the big analog bassline and the massive Dreamwave-esq pads and the fact that the song remains intact, but totally updated. This thing is one of the classics of the genre but sound fresh as fuck!

Pure, undiluted awesome!

Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls (Grum reMix)

I swear I can hear a Korg Monotron in there too!

Pet Shop Boys greatest hits, ‘Ultimate’, and the digital single of‘Together’ are out now with the physical release, featuring the Grum reMix, coming soon.

Pet Shop Boys @ Beatport

Pet Shop Boys @ Juno

Pet Shop Boys @ 7Digital

Pet Shop Boys @ Amazon

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Pet Shop Boys – Together

This November sees 25 years since Pet Shop Boys exploded into public consciousness with their début single ‘West End Girls’. To celebrate the duo are releasing their third greatest hits album, titled ‘Ultimate’ alongside a brand new single.

The single, ‘Together’, is produced by ex-Xenomania man Tim Powell, is pure uplifting Pet Shop Boys with Neil Tennant’s signature deadpan, but hopeful, vocals and some euphoric lead lines.

Even more exiting, though, is the B-side of the single’s physical release. A reMix of ‘West End Girls’ by none other than Grum! I literally cannot wait for that!

Pet Shop Boys – Together

‘Ultimate’ is released 2nd November and the digital single of ‘Together’ drops 24th October with the physical release following.

Pet Shop Boys @ Beatport

Pet Shop Boys @ Juno

Pet Shop Boys @ 7Digital

Pet Shop Boys @ Amazon

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That Pet Shop Boys and Phil Oakey track!


There is so much that makes me smile about this track. For a start you have Chris Lowe singing! Not only is the song brilliant, but it also feels like a SynthPop in-joke (in the best possible way).

Neil and Chris’ parts are nostalgic, slightly lamenting and very English (great use of “bloody”), then the analog bass drops and Oakey crashes the party as a doom and gloom merchant. It’s like a late 80’s PSB track invaded by a very early 80’s The Human League song.

Just hearing a Pet Shop Boys track and suddenly listening to Phil Oakey is pure SynthPop gold!

Brilliant…just brilliant!

Pet Shop Boys (Feat. Phil Oakey Of The Human League) – This Used To Be The Future (zShare) (MediaFire)

That was a low quality taster, the track features on the limited edition double cd version of PSB’s new album ‘Yes’, entitled ‘Yes Etc…’. The whole album is classic Pet Shop Boys in a way we’ve not seen for a couple of records. A worthy investment:

Pet Shop Boys @ 7Digital

Pet Shop Boys @ Amazon

We Have Band cover Pet Shop Boys


London’s We Have Band continue to turn out interesting electronic music, this time they have covered Pet Shop Boys classic ‘West End Girls’.

For an oft-covered song they have done a bloody good job. Keeping a similar bass sound was a good idea, the opening three notes of the bassline are integral to the track and We Have Band have made the song their own whilst retaining that signature bass. The rest of the track is  very well done, the band have managed to conjure the atmosphere of the original, something I don’t think any other cover I have heard has managed to do.

We Have Band – West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys Cover) (zShare) (MediaFire)

What do you think?

We Have Band @ Beatport

We Have Band @ Amazon

Pet Shop Boys: New album track


OK, so most of the British tabloid press isn’t worth wiping your ass on, the likes of The Star and The Sun are lowest common denominator, often scary, mob mentality rubbish but as far as pure, spiteful, hate filled bile goes, The Daily Mail has to take the prize.

What possessed Pet Shop Boys (or rather, their record label) to use The Mail On Sunday to promote their forthcoming album I will never understand. Today’s paper contains a free Pet Shop Boys CD retrospective which also features a new track form the ‘Yes’ album.

‘The Hate Mail’ is notorious for is bigoted, right-wing, reactionary opinions and scare-mongering and would probably be the first in line to jail PSB for being “poofs”, so whoever thought this was some good cross-branding needs to reconsider their career!

So..we’ve taken the bullet…jumped on the grenade…bought right-wing crap so you don’t have to…

The song itself is very good, real classic PSB. Actually, I get a bit of a New Order feeling from the track too. See what you think:

Pet Shop Boys – Did You See Me Coming? (From Yes) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Don’t give a penny of your money to ‘The Hate Mail’, but spend loads on Pet Shop Boys:

Pet Shop Boys @ 7Digital

Pet Shop Boys @ Amazon

Phil Oakey gets around


News has broken this week that, Electro legend, The Human League’s Phil Oakey will be providing guest vocals for two SynthPop superstars.

First up, Pet Shop Boys have confirmed that Philip will be will appear on  ‘This Used To Be The Future’ which will be on the limited edition 2 CD version of their forthcoming album, ‘Yes’.

Oakey has also recorded a duet, entitled ‘Symmetry’, with none other than Electro girl-of-the-moment Little Boots! It will appear on her, soon to be released, album. Apparently Phil approached Victoria after hearing her ‘funtime’ cover of ‘Don’t You Want Me’ on YouTube.

I love Phil’s vocals, he may not be the best singer in the world but he has a tone that lends itself perfectly to everything he does.

Both of these collabarations with top Electro acts have me salivating…can’t wait!

That Lady GaGa, Pet Shop Boys, reMix


A while back we reported that Pet Shop Boys were going to be providing one of the reMixes for Lady GaGa’s next single ‘Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)’.

Well, here it is!

Lady GaGa – Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Pet Shop Boys reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

It looks like AOL were just giving it away in recognitions of their BRITs performance this week!

The single is out soon on Polydoor.

Lady GaGa @ Juno

Lady GaGa @ 7Digital

Lady GaGa @ Amazon

Pet Shop Boys at The BRITs

Last night, at the BRIT awards 2009, Pet Shop Boys picked up an award for ‘outstanding contribution to British music’, and well deserved too!

They played the finale of the show with guests Lady GaGa & Brandon Flowers (Of The Killers) performing a medely of their hits.

Congrats guys!

Pet Shop Boys @ 7Digital

Pet Shop Boys @ Amazon