Kap10Kurt reworks Pet Shop Boys’ ‘Suburbia’

Fresh from mixing duties on Erasure’s re-release of ‘A Little Respect’, ElectroPop/Nu-Disco innovator Kap10Kurt has turned his attention to a whole crop of classic 80’s tracks making them prime fodder for an DJs set.

The man has kindly let us share with you his awesome take on Pet Shop Boys’ ‘Suburbia’ (my personal favourtie PSB track!). Like all good reworks of songs this legendary it keeps the song srtucture pretty much intackt, after all it’s something ingrained in the popular psyche, but brings it crashing into the 21st century with a kicking new beat and bassline and washed with some lush retro synths. Add in a few edits and cuts here and there and what you’re left with is a storming dancefloor track that’s also a classic anthem. That’s a win/win all round!

Pet Shop Boys – Suburbia (Kap10Kurt Rework)

You can find the rest of his 80’s reworks on his SoundCloud page.

Kap10Kurt also has a, slightly terrifying, message for electronic rumors readers:


The Kap10’ is currently gearing up for the release of his new single, ‘Speed Demon’, which drops in January 2011 on Kris Menace’s label Work It Baby and features reMix skills from none other than Justin Faust. If that has you salivating, check out Kap10Kurt’s previous singles:

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Pet Shop Boys @ Beatport

Pet Shop Boys @ Juno

Pet Shop Boys @ 7Digital

Pet Shop Boys @ Amazon

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