Pet Shop Boys: New album track


OK, so most of the British tabloid press isn’t worth wiping your ass on, the likes of The Star and The Sun are lowest common denominator, often scary, mob mentality rubbish but as far as pure, spiteful, hate filled bile goes, The Daily Mail has to take the prize.

What possessed Pet Shop Boys (or rather, their record label) to use The Mail On Sunday to promote their forthcoming album I will never understand. Today’s paper contains a free Pet Shop Boys CD retrospective which also features a new track form the ‘Yes’ album.

‘The Hate Mail’ is notorious for is bigoted, right-wing, reactionary opinions and scare-mongering and would probably be the first in line to jail PSB for being “poofs”, so whoever thought this was some good cross-branding needs to reconsider their career!

So..we’ve taken the bullet…jumped on the grenade…bought right-wing crap so you don’t have to…

The song itself is very good, real classic PSB. Actually, I get a bit of a New Order feeling from the track too. See what you think:

Pet Shop Boys – Did You See Me Coming? (From Yes) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Don’t give a penny of your money to ‘The Hate Mail’, but spend loads on Pet Shop Boys:

Pet Shop Boys @ 7Digital

Pet Shop Boys @ Amazon

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