That Pet Shop Boys and Phil Oakey track!


There is so much that makes me smile about this track. For a start you have Chris Lowe singing! Not only is the song brilliant, but it also feels like a SynthPop in-joke (in the best possible way).

Neil and Chris’ parts are nostalgic, slightly lamenting and very English (great use of “bloody”), then the analog bass drops and Oakey crashes the party as a doom and gloom merchant. It’s like a late 80’s PSB track invaded by a very early 80’s The Human League song.

Just hearing a Pet Shop Boys track and suddenly listening to Phil Oakey is pure SynthPop gold!

Brilliant…just brilliant!

Pet Shop Boys (Feat. Phil Oakey Of The Human League) – This Used To Be The Future (zShare) (MediaFire)

That was a low quality taster, the track features on the limited edition double cd version of PSB’s new album ‘Yes’, entitled ‘Yes Etc…’. The whole album is classic Pet Shop Boys in a way we’ve not seen for a couple of records. A worthy investment:

Pet Shop Boys @ 7Digital

Pet Shop Boys @ Amazon

2 comments on “That Pet Shop Boys and Phil Oakey track!

  1. There’s more to it than it just sounding like a Human League track, and it certainly is an in joke. The clue is in the title; The Human League’s original name was “The Future”. The Future was typified by obviously electronic squeaks and blips (plus Phil Oakey’s unmistakable voice), and this track is very much a tribute to that.

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