[Audio] Holmes Price reMixes Paulie



Here’s that reMix of Cosmonaut Paulie’s début solo single, Spread Love, from Holmes Price we were singing the praises of last week. The single package is out now, so we can give you a listen to this deep Disco version of the track.

Price takes the track into slightly more Houseier territories, keeping things low and clubby. Layering his laid back groove with some relaxed piano Holmes Price gradually builds the track adding sparking arpeggios, more piano, and all the time working reverb drenched vocal snippets, to create a swirling dancefloor vibe. It’s a mesmerizing reMix that pulls you along with it before depositing you in it’s stripped back, undulating, finale. Guaranteed to keep them dancing.

♫ Paulie – Spread Love (Holmes Price reMix)

Paulie’s Spread Love is out now on Super Trooper.

Buy Paulie’s music from:

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