[Audio] New Arcades’ ‘Don’t Let Go’



Here’s the latest tune from London based DreamPop duo New Arcades. It’s part of the Scenes EP. which is due for release later this month via. Futurecop!’s new record label We Are the Future Records. The track’s called Don’t Let Go, and this rousing slice of ElectroPop features Chloe Pamplin on backup vocals.

Continuing from where their self titled début EP let off, Don’t Let Go is an epic cacophony of shimmering synths and driving beats and anthemic vocals. It’s got the New Arcades rawness to it that sets them apart from the pack, and live sounding Indie production for richly layered SynthPop, the combination which drew us to them in the first place. Big stuff, we can’t wait for the EP.

♫ New Arcades (Feat. Chloe Pamplin) – Don’t Let Go

New Arcades’ Scenes EP is released 28th February.

Buy New Arcades’ music from:

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