[Audio] New Arcades’ ‘Somewhere’



Right, stop what you’re doing. There’s a new tune from London’s finest. Dreamwave duo New Arcades have premièred the first taster of what we can expect from their forthcoming second EP. The follow up to this summer’s self titled début. Back with the big vocal tunes, the kind that are going down a storm at these guy’s acclaimed live shows, Somewhere brings us more urban epicness from the capital.

This time around the duo deliver a mid-paced tune, at a perfect three and a half minutes, of nostalgia and feeling. Somewhere brings together all the elements we’ve come to expect from a New Arcades tune, the bright lead lines, the growling bassline, the soaring, heartfelt vocals. These guys pull of impassioned ElectroPop better than most people in the country right now. With both a strength and a vulnerability in the vocals, and a comfortable warmth to the music, New Arcades deliver the perfect music for dreamers.

♫ New Arcades – Somewhere

New Arcades self-titled EP is out now.

Buy New Arcades’ music from:

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