[Audio] New Arcades’ ‘Dreamers’

New Arcades

Dreamers is the latest addition to New Arcades soon to be released début EP. we’ve heard four tracks so far from this London based duo, the EP will apparently contain six tracks. That means there’s two more surprises coming, which we’ll be excited to hear. These guys are really carving out a name for themselves when it comes to big, emotional, SynthPop.

The new track, Dreamers, is an instrumental piece, but the absence of New Arcades passionate vocals doesn’t make it any less resonant. This duo really work their instruments to draw out every ounce of felling in their music. Pulsating Italo bass builds the tracks core leaving tons of headroom from sparkling melodies and promise filled drones to weave an uplifting, nostalgic, mood. Things are looking very good for this pairs forthoming release.

♫ New Arcades – Dreamers

New Arcades’ début EP is out soon.

Buy New Arcades’ music from:

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