[MP3] New Arcades’ ‘Reflections’


New Arcades Band Shot

London’s finest Dreamwave outfit New Arcades are here to brighten up your week with a new free track. Hot on the heels of the acclaimed self-titled début EP and a growing reputation for live brilliance in the capital, the guys are working hard on new material, but have dropped this instrumental to keep you going until the new tunes are ready for the picking.

Reflections is a majestic tune. Emotionally resonant in it’s use of synthesizers to create a rush of nostalgic warmth. Based around an Industrial beat and chugging Italo bassline, the track builds and builds, creating a multi-layered soundtrack where rousing hooks and shining melodies swirl around the listeners head. The lead riff, particularly, will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Get involved.

New Arcades – Reflections

New Arcades self-titled EP is out now.

Buy New Arcades’ music from:

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