[Audio] Miss Kittin reMixed by Mock & Toof

Miss Kittin

House champion and the voice of ElectroClash Miss Kittin’s Bassline/Come Into My House single was released earlier this month with a reMix package due to drop in March. Amongst the reMix collection is this hypnotically Acidic version from UK duo Mock & Toof.

For almost all of the tracks seven minutes we were having ‘white gloves’ moments. The track is loaded with melodic, arpeggiated, synth percussion and 303 burbling which, when coupled with a deep bass grove, makes for a perfect warehouse flashback experience. Miss Kittens smokey vocal just adds an extra layer of entrancement. Prepare to get lost in music.

♫ Miss Kitten – Come Into My House (Mock & Toof reMix)

Miss Kitten’s Come Into My House reMixes are released in March.

Buy Miss Kittin’s music from:

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