[Audio] Miles Prower’s ‘San Francisco Nights’

Miles Prower

San Francisco Nights is the new tune from Bristol based SynthWave act Miles Prower. Despite the name, the track feels like a decidedly British take on SynthWave, owing as much to 80s SynthPop and kid’s TV shows as it does to Jan Hammer’s Miami vice soundtrack.

Driven by an arpeggiated bassline, San Francisco Nights delivers a cornucopia of bright snyths and lush, ringing, melodies. At times sounding like the theme to a Saturday tea-time Sci-Fi show, this is a tune that revels in multiple, intertwining delayed leads and a nostalgic simple feel. With some wonderful chord progressions, San Francisco Nights is a classy piece of relaxing Italo.

♫ Miles Prower – San Francisco Nights

Check out more from Miles Prower on SoundCloud.

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