[Audio] More from Miles Prower



Bristol based SynthWavers Miles Prower have unleashed two more tracks from their forthcoming Pneumatic EP, which makes five now, which is high time the EP was released if you ask us. These guys continue to make their decidedly British mark on the SynthWave scene with Italo influenced grooves and bright Saturday morning melodies.

This World Wont Let Me Down is a rich, emotionally resonant tune in a classic Dreamwave mould. With a tiny bit of a Tropical vibe this time around, Miles Prower deliver punchy basslines to carry the weight while layers of starlight melodies play out over the top.Starlight Burning up’s the tempo somewhat, maybe a little too much. When not descending a suspicious amount into Happy Hardcore territory, it’s actually a pretty uplifting, euphoric track with some epic vocals from Alice Maria Sparey, we’re just a bit concerned that putting a donk on anything is never a good idea. It’s a nice enough tune though, and sees Miles Prower set to turn-in a top EP.

♫ Miles Prower (Feat. Alice Maria Sparey)- Starlight Burning’

♫ Miles Prower – This World Wont Let Me Down

Check out more from Miles Prower on SoundCloud.

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