[Audio] Miles Prower’s ‘Who Needs Real Life, Anyway?’


Miles Prower

Bristol SynthWavers Miles Prower are back with another new tune. Taken from their forthcoming new EP, titled Virtually Reality, the new track is an Italo infused instrumental that goes by the name of Who Needs Real Life, Anyway? and we’re guessing it’s the euphoric high-point of the release. 

Keeping things sparkly and shimmering, Miles Prower deliver three minutes of synthesizer love, awash with bright melodies and starlight keys that drift over a sea of rapid fire arpeggio basslines. Taking it’s time to build up to full steam, Who Needs Real Life, Anyway? eases you into it’s optimistic groove before launching into it’s high-octane SynthWave cavalcade. The EP should be a good ‘un.

♫ Miles Prower – Who Needs Real Life, Anyway?

Miles Prower’s Virtually Reality is due out this summer.

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