Autostrada (pssst, it’s Mille!)


Sweden’s  Autostrada maybe be a little more guitary than we would normally post, but their début track, ‘You & I’ is just so good it’s hard to ignore. It’s loaded with massive ‘80’s synth chords and big tom rolls, and we have a sneaking suspicion where that comes from. One of this IndiePop combo’s four members is SynthWave genius Mille.

Mille influence is all over this track, it’s pure retro Pop dressed up for contemporary summery Indie fans. At it’s core it’s perfect retro Electro. No one does big rousing synth music quite like Mille, he’s got a knack for uplifting chords and soaring lead lines and that knack lifts this track up above it’s peers. Atop this gorgeous synth work is some classic ‘80’s guitar and the kind of catchy vocal that buzz bands dream of. This track could be a big hit this summer, it’s good to know Mille isn’t letting his talents go to waste.

♫ Autostrada – You & I

Check out more from Autostrada on SoundCloud.

One comment on “Autostrada (pssst, it’s Mille!)

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