Le Prix covers U-96


Le Prix’s long-awaited ‘Cosmonova’ EP is coming very, very soon on the awesome Girlfriend Records, along with it’s amazing looking video. To tide us over until then, though, the Swedish SynthWave producers has dropped this cheeky cover of U-96’s ‘Love Sees No Colour’ from 1993.

Bringing the tempo slightly down (this ain’t ‘90’s EuroDance anymore!) Le Prix allows the riff from the original to slip into something a bit more retro sounding and let the emotional qualities of the chord progression shine though. The result is something that, apart from the main arpeggio, it’s quite different from it’s inspiration, a more contemplative meeting of post-EBM, pre-Trance, European dance music and ‘80’s soundtrack inspired Dreamwave Electro. Cannot wait for the EP!

Le Prix – Love Sees No Color (U-96 Cover)

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