Johan Agebjörn’s ‘Casablanca Nights’ revisited

Johan Agebjörn

Swedish purveyor of all things ElectroPop and Disco Johan Agebjörn’s ‘Casablanca Nights’ album was one of our top records of last year, a series of collaboration with some of the best electronic artists and SynthPop singers in the world and some cracking songs. Now two of those cracking songs are getting repackaged in some new and interesting ways.

First up, ‘Watch The World Go By ‘ is finally seeing the release of it’s reMix package. We’ve been waiting for it for a while since it was originally going to be released under the name Plexi Grace. Now, a change of label to Paper Bag Records and it’s back to plain old Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix and a whole host of awesome reMixes. You should all be intimately familiar with the, Lake Heartbeat featuring, slice of ElectroPop bliss by now, and if you’re not what have you been doing with the last year? The reMix package kicks off with German DJ Jam El Mar’s ‘Tripomatic Fairytale’ mix, and pulsating crossover between Nu-Disco and Deep House with some nice eclectic percussion. The track is basically an audio sunrise and sets up the EP perfectly. Along side a majestic workout by Young Galaxy and a couple of smooth reMixes from SynthPoppers Lindberg Palace (a name we haven’t heard for a while) you’ll find Nicolas Makelberge’s version which melds a few frantic elements and tempers them into a chilled Balearic retro Pop track. In addition to this release we also have 80’s Disco legend Alan Cook with an Agebjörn &  Lovelock (Steve Moore) produced cover of ‘Casablanca Nights’ title track, and the three of them go full on Italo amazingness here. I cannot stress how good this track is, it’s not even 80’s Italo influenced, it just is pure 80’s Italo. The track’s tempo has been increased, the arpeggios fly and the both the music and vocals are majestic and shot through with that dramatic darkness that calls for a video shot in a dark, neon lit, alleyway that’s inexplicable full of smoke, but it;s in a studio anyway.  Amazing Stuff.

♫ Alan Cook – Casablanca Nights (Original Mix) (Produced By Johan Agebjörn & Lovelock)

♫ Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix (Feat. Lake Heartbeat) – Watch The World Go By (Jam El Mar Tripomatic Fairytale reMix)

Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix (Feat. Lake Heartbeat) – Watch The World Go By (Nicolas Makelberge reMix)

Alan Cook’s ‘Casablanca Nights’ is released 26th April on 12” and Download on Disco Evolution/Flashback Records. Paper Bag release ‘Watch The World Go By’ today!

Buy Johan Agebjörn’s music from:

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